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What happened to Louie, the 7 Little Johnstons’ French bulldog?

Amber and Trent Johnston from 7 Little Johnstons on TLC
Amber and Trent Johnston used to have a French bulldog named Louie, but he’s nowhere to be seen on the show. Pic credit: TLC

The latest episode of 7 Little Johnstons was a tearjerker — featuring the death of the family’s cat River. But it also left viewers wondering what happened to the Johnstons’ French bulldog, Louie.

The episode saw Trent Johnston bring home a stray cat, which he found while at work. The family was excited, and the little guy fit right in. The Johnstons already had two cats — including River — and a dog named Jessie, which they had brought with them when they moved into their new home.

However, noticeably absent was French bulldog Louie.

What happened to Louie?

7 Little Johnstons viewers were left wondering what happened to Louie because, since the family moved, there has been no mention of him. It appeared he was no longer a part of the family, though the reason why was unclear.

The Johnstons celebrated his birthday back in 2017 with a post on social media, and that was the last time Louie the French bulldog made an appearance for fans. So what happened to him?

Amber confirms Louie’s fate

Amber commented on Instagram earlier today that Louie was rehomed after the family moved, and he now lives on a nearby farm where they have another Frenchie.

She said: “Louie did not take the move well at all. He became a ‘bit’ aggressive with the other animals, Trent, and he was not behaving well in the house.

“We found him an awesome home on a farm close by with another Frenchie!! Happy Holidays everyone!”

7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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