What happened to Alex on Black Ink Crew?

Alex Black Ink Crew
Alex on Black Ink Crew, who has a medical emergency on the Season 6 finale

Alex has been taking center stage on Black Ink Crew after his sex tape with Donna Lombardi went viral, even though he doesn’t have a full-time role on the show.

Last week, we saw Moe show up to the Miami mansion and finally confront both Alex and Donna. As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, at the end of the episode, a sneak peek for this week showed Alex in an even scarier position. But what happened to Alex?

It seems that whatever was wrong with Alex in the Black Ink Crew sneak peek is one of the show’s biggest mysteries. In the clip, Alex was seen on the beach in Miami and appeared to be having a seizure or passing out.

It’s not really clear exactly what happens. We can see him fall over in the sand and then it cuts away to an ambulance. Soon after, Ceaser can be seen in the confessional saying, “This s**t is scary as hell!” Many questions will need to be answered during the Season 6 finale.

Is Alex ok?

One important question that people obviously want to be answered is whether or not Alex is okay.

Even though there’s very little information about what happened to him, based on his interactions on social media it looks like Alex is going to make it.

After all, he did post a new photo with Donna and several other women on Instagram just yesterday.


Knowing that Alex is going to be okay definitely takes some of the edge off while waiting for the Black Ink Crew Season 6 finale.

Hopefully, his medical emergency won’t stop us from finding out what happens next with Alex and Donna. After finally admitting his feelings for her and having a huge confrontation with Moe, fans want to know if the two do end up dating.

Alex and Donna have been careful not to spill too many details about what happens next on social media. After scouring their accounts, it’s clear that they don’t hate each other.

Will she be there to nurse Alex back to health after a scary emergency and an ambulance ride?

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1.

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