Wells Adams shares who from Clayton Echard’s season of the Bachelor he wants to see on Bachelor in Paradise

Wells giving relationship advice from behind the bar in Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit ABC

Wells Adams has been an integral part of Bachelor in Paradise. Wells witnesses firsthand what alcohol and bad decisions lead to. Spoiler — it’s mostly crying.

Each season of Bachelor in Paradise, Wells can be found slinging drinks and consoling the broken-hearted singles that find themselves at the bar while other contestants are in the Boom Boom Room.

Who is Wells Adams?

Wells is basically the expert here, not only in Paradise but also in love. He is happily engaged to Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and they share a house full of dogs. Wells was on Season 12 of The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher and was even on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 until he and Ashley Iaconetti split, which sent him packing.

Wells came back to bartend starting in Season 4 and has been the Paradise bartender ever since. His warm smile, charisma, and authenticity make him the perfect fit to give dating advice on the show.

Contestants coming on this season of the Bachelor in Paradise

Fans have all been waiting to hear about what’s going to happen in Season 8, and there may finally be some insight. Wells opened up to Us Weekly about who he thinks should be on the show this time around.

“I need Salley Carson here and you know what, I might need Salley’s fiancé down there. He wasn’t even on the show, but let’s give him a shot guys, excited for that,” Wells opens up to Us Weekly.

Salley Carson came on Clayton Echard’s season before the first rose ceremony and managed to get a rose! Being freshly broken up, she declined, saying that she needed time to heal before continuing on with her journey in love.

This shocked Bachelor Nation as it has never been seen before for a contestant to be offered a rose before the first night. Admittedly, it would create some juicy drama to have both Salley and the man who broke her heart on the beach.

“[Shanae Ankney and Cassidy Timbrooks]. I want both of them down there immediately. And then there are some people from the past that I wanna see back. I wanna see Peter Weber down there. Who knows what’s going to happen.” Wells confesses.

Shanae Ankney and Cassidy Timbrooks have quickly outed themselves as the villains of this season. From exploiting someone else’s mental health disability, to possibly having a side piece while being on the show, these girls really know how to shake things up.

It’s no surprise that Wells wants to see some of these major players, or ‘villains’ on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. After all of the heartbreak, drama, and power couples that came out of last year’s season, who knows what is coming next? 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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