Watch Cinco and Cashay receive a surprise reunion after Love Island USA eliminations

Cash and Cinco on Love Island USA
Cash and Cinco on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA fans of Cinco Holland and Cashay Proudfoot just got a huge surprise today.

On the Love Island USA Instagram account, the CBS reality show set up a surprise meeting between the two former villa flames.

Fans got to see them reunite via video and talk for the first time since Cashay left the villa.

Cinco and Cashay surprise meeting after Love Island USA

While it was just via a Skype-styled video, Cashay and Cinco had a chance to talk after she left the show on Friday night.

This was a special treat for fans of the two, delivered by Love Island USA itself.

This also follows footage of Cinco watching Cashay’s elimination from the villa and Cashay saying in a Q&A that she wants to find and talk to Cinco again. The good news is that Cinco also said he was interested, as long as Cashay made the first move.

Luckily, it seems that Love Island USA made this happen.

Cinco was there waiting at the start and then Cashay joined the video.

It was all done as a surprise.

Cinco immediately smiled and said, “Cash.”

Cashay then started freaking out and asked, “What is happening right now?”

Cinco, sitting on his porch, was laughing and said, “They definitely did set us up. This is crazy.”

Cinco and Cashay catch up

Cinco asked Cashay how she was doing and she said it was time to get back into the real world and she felt it was her time.

Cinco said he understood and felt the same when he was eliminated.

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing,” Cashay said. “I’m just excited to be out and I’m excited to talk to you.”

Cinco said, “Oh really,” and then admitted that Cashay hurt his feelings a little.

“How did I hurt your feelings?” Cashay asked. “You hurt my feelings. If we’re talking about feelings, you hurt mine.”

“You hurt mine first, though,” Cinco said.

“You chose Trina. Don’t even start with me right now, boy,” Cashay fired back.

Cinco told her to hurry up and come back to New York because he’s been wanting to make a trip to New York for a long time now. She asked if they should plan a trip to New York.

“It’s an easy train ride for me,” Cinco said.

That is when Cashay gave even better news.

“I actually have a two-hour layover in D.C.,” she said. Cinco lives in Virginia.

Cashay then admitted that she spent her last three days in the villa, where she kept meaning to say Charlie’s name, but she kept saying Cinco’s name.

“All the girls were like, ‘girl, go get Cinco,'” Cashay admitted. “That’s what it came to. It’s always been you.”

Cinco then opened the door.

“I’m excited to hang with you again,” Cinco said. “Honestly, we got some conversations we have to have. But, no, I’m looking forward to it.”

Cashay said she hopes her family is proud of her, and Cinco gave her some big compliments.

“I know they are probably, most definitely proud of you,” Cinco said. “You done [sic] awesome. You represented yourself awesome, even for the last minute you were there. It looked like you handled yourself really well. I know they are probably super proud of you.”

As for Cinco’s family, he said they had some jokes for him, but were happy for him.

Cashay said when she gets her phone back, she will text him and that is when he admitted that he had already texted her. He joked he was talking trash about not choosing him, but then laughed and revealed he was joking and it was really a special message for her, and he would rather she just read it.

“I’ll see you soon,” Cashay said as she left the video call.

There were also comments from those close to the two.

Genny Shawcross, who Cinco grew close to “like a little sister,” left a heart emoji comment on the post.

Genny's comment
Pic credit: @LoveIslandUSA/Instagram

Javonny Vega said he wanted to “let me watch when ya kiss again lmaoo.”

Javonny comment
Pic credit: @LoveIslandUSA/Instagram

Leslie Golden responded with a “YES YES YES.”

Roxy and Leslie's comments
Pic credit: @LoveIslandUSA/Instagram

And Roxy Ahmed posted “IM CRYING.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.