Watch Andrew Spencer, Justin Glaze, Mike Planeta, and Greg Grippo awkwardly react to Katie Thurston’s 12 Days of Messy

Andrew Spencer by an ear
Andrew Spencer cracks up at his friends’ reaction to Katie Thurston’s 12 Days of Messy. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston used Taylor Swift’s re-released Red album to reflect her thoughts on a few of the men from her season and called it 12 Days of Messy. 

For 12 days, Katie compared men from her season to songs off Swift’s album and acknowledged that it would cause some mess and drama, which it certainly did. 

Not only did her 12 Day challenge possibly lead to former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin unfollowing her, but it also led to her essentially revealing her romantic relationship with John Hersey. 

One of the men from Katie’s season, Andrew Spencer, asked some notable guys from The Bachelorette Season 17 about their thoughts on Katie’s 12 Days of Messy and the response was humorously awkward. 

Mike Planeta expresses confusion over Katie’s 12 Days of Messy 

While on video with Mike Planeta, Greg Grippo, and Justin Glaze, Andrew Spencer took some time to ask Mike a loaded question. 

Andrew playfully asked what Mike’s thoughts were on Katie’s 12-day challenge and was initially met with silence from the guys and confusion from Mike who asked what that was. 

Andrew found it hilarious that Mike wasn’t even too familiar with Katie’s challenge, and Andrew seemed to be the only one amused. 

Justin Glaze put his hand up and seemed to roll his eyes when Andrew brought up the question and Greg Grippo appeared pretty stone-faced and silent. Andrew laughed and hopped off the video as Justin Glaze remarked, “Messy Drew.”

Interestingly, of the men on the video, the only one not explicitly included in the 12 Days of Messy was perhaps the most notorious of them all, Greg Grippo. 

Which men did Katie mention during her 12 Days of Messy?

Katie’s 12 Days of Messy included some telling insight into her relationships with certain men on her season. 

On Day One, Katie spotlighted her ex-fiance Blake Moynes with the Taylor Swift song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. 

On Day Two, Katie spotlighted Andrew Spencer with the song Run. 

Later, Katie focused on Aaron Clancy and his best friend James Bonsall with the song Girl at Home. 

Notably, Katie chose to associate the song I Knew You Were Trouble with The Bachelorette villain Thomas Jacobs, and fans later noted that Becca was no longer following Katie on Instagram. Some believe the unfollowing is because of the shade Katie threw at Becca’s current boyfriend Thomas. 

On Day 5 and 9, Katie dedicated the song Holy Ground to Mikey Planeta and Connor Brennan. 

Day 6 went to Brendan Quinn with the song The Last Time. Day 7 went to The Bachelorette fan-favorite Michael Allio with the song Almost Do and Day 8 went to Hunter Montgomery with the song 22. 

Justin Glaze was spotlighted on Day 10 with the song Sad Beautiful Tragic.

Interestingly, Katie kept Day 11 mysterious with the song State of Grace. With Katie not outwardly assigning the song to a guy, many fans were left to speculate on who she was referring to with the song, and some believe it could have been about Greg Grippo. 

Finally, on Day 12, Katie dedicated the song Begin Again to her current partner John Hersey.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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