Becca Kufrin unfollows Katie Thurston following ’12 Days of Messy’ post directed at Thomas Jacobs

Katie Thurston’s “12 Days of Messy” delivered on her promise. Pic credit: @thomasjacobs/Instagram

Katie Thurston promised “12 days of Messy,” and the reality star is delivering.

Celebrating the re-release of Taylor Swift’s Red album, the former Bachelorette shared she planned to dedicate one T. Swift song to each of her The Bachelorette exes.

While Katie has already posted about exes Blake Moynes, Andrew Spencer, and Aaron Clancy, it’s the post about Thomas Jacobs that’s gotten the messiest, causing his current girlfriend, Becca Kufrin, to swiftly hit the unfollow button on Katie.

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Becca Kufrin unfollows Katie Thurston

With Katie promoting the messiness on Instagram, it’s clear Bachelor Nation is watching for the repercussions.

It all started on day four when Katie chose to dedicate one of Taylor’s Swift’s sassier tunes, I Knew You Were Trouble, to the villain of her season, Thomas Jacobs.

Katie Thurston dedicated Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble to Thomas Jacobs. Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram

With lyrics like ‘I knew you were trouble when you walked in,” it’s clear his current girlfriend and former Bachelorette, Becca Kurfrin, didn’t find the post funny.

Redditors were the first to notice that Becca unfollowed Katie on Instagram following the messy post dedicated to her current partner.

Pic credit: @udwtslove/Reddit

Fans can agree with the comments as one Redditor wrote, “’12 Days of messy’ living up to its name.”

At this time of this post, Katie Thurston is still following Becca Kufrin.

Bachelor Nation is patiently waiting for Katie Thurston’s dedication to Greg Grippo

While Katie Thurston previously had over a million fans on Instagram, her following took a plunge following her break-up with the receiver of her final rose, Blake Moynes.

However, with “12 Days of Messy,” the former sales manager proved she still knows how to market as fans check back every day for her latest Taylor Swift dedication.

Almost halfway through the 12 days, if there’s any post that Bachelor Nation is watching for, it’s Greg Grippo.

Greg recently weighed in on his ex’s broken engagement, revealing, “My heart goes out to her for whatever happened.”

As to where their relationship currently stands with Katie, the New Jersey native added, “We haven’t spoken, honestly. I just wish the best for her. I know it’s probably pretty difficult what happened.”

What song do you think Katie Thurston will dedicate to Greg Grippo? Let us know in the comments.

Becca Kufrin unfollows Katie Thurston and her 12 Days of Messy over Thomas Jacobs!

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Nell Reed
Nell Reed
2 years ago

Katie Thurston is a messy woman who should have never been on The Bachelorette from the start. She mislead the men on the show.
Will never find real love until she grows up. Needs to seek some counseling.

2 years ago

We all knew she was messy when she was a mean girl on the bachelor! It always shocked me that it was overlooked.

Amanda Faye
Amanda Faye
2 years ago

Definitely going with “Dear John” for her ex Greg ?