Video released about Big Brother’s Matt Turner being fired by MrBeast

Turner Backyard BB24
Matt Turner played on the Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: CBS

Matt Turner from Big Brother 24 used to work for MrBeast, but had moved on to other things before joining the reality competition show in the summer of 2022.

For anyone who doesn’t know who MrBeast is, he is one of the most successful YouTube content creators of all time.

The real name of MrBeast is Jimmy Donaldson, and he routinely puts up videos that draw millions and millions of views.

Currently, MrBeast has more than 118 million subscribers to his primary channel and is closing in on 20 billion total views on that content.

A few years ago, Turner worked as a content editor for MrBeast, but he left that job to work on other content before becoming part of the BB24 cast.

Now, a new video has been shared online which claims to have more details about how Turner was fired from his job with MrBeast.

Controversial ending to Matt Turner working for MrBeast

According to the new video, Turner was hired to work for MrBeast in 2018. Five months later, Turner created his own video stating that he had quit working there, but also said that he had enjoyed working with MrBeast.

Later, Turner took to Twitter and accused MrBeast of bullying, stating that the workplace was toxic and that it led to him having “mental breakdowns day after day” while he was on the job. When the tweets got deleted, Turner claimed his account was hacked by someone who took them down.

The new video shared below goes more in-depth into the situation between Matt Turner and MrBeast.

MrBeast paid Turner after termination, Turner apologizes for accusations

Not too long ago, Turner made a YouTube video where he apologized if he had offended people with his accusations, and he also admitted that MrBeast had given him $10,000 and new job prospects after cutting ties with him.

Below is a video where another YouTube user presents everything that Turner said after the controversy broke out, with some opinions on what took place. It has important clips of Turner himself speaking and telling more of his side of the story.

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