Victoria Fuller talks about why she hasn’t found the one yet and what’s wrong with guys these days

Victoria Fuller
Victoria Fuller gets honest about men. Pic credit: ABC

While she was a guest on a recent episode of the podcast Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, Victoria Fuller spoke her mind about men.

She told co-hosts Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker, and Tia Booth the reason she hasn’t yet found the one to settle down with and what is wrong with the male species in today’s society.

Matter-of-fact and blunt, Victoria’s personality, opinions, and thoughts came out in full force while speaking to viewers on the topic.

What did Victoria Fuller have to say about men’s relationship expectations

When talking about relationships, Victoria stated that “a lot of people put in minimal efforts and expect extraordinary results.” She went on to use some choice language as she expressed that she “just cannot with guys these days.”

She then directed some comments to Joe, since he was the only male on the podcast, and talked about how he wouldn’t just put 50% effort into his job and expect to get a raise. It just doesn’t work like that. Joe answered her question with an emphatic no response and a giggle.

Victoria then prompted Joe again as she inquired why guys then put in such small effort into relationships. She also stated that a romantic partner is probably the most important relationship in a male’s life (besides God, Victoria added) and again expects these amazing results.

Victoria talks about her own love life currently

Victoria then related this information and thoughts to her own current love life and talked about how this is where she is at right now.

She said that if a guy is “not wowing me and you are not coming in, and you’re this extraordinary person, you’re not top tier, like y’all just fall in line … you’re just on the list.”

Bachelor Nation fans give Victoria props

As shown in the above video, Click Bait with Bachelor Nation also was the first to comment on Victoria’s message, as they wrote, “POP OFF QUEEN.”

Other fans loved what Victoria had to say, as they commented, “Finally someone in BN with higher expectations (hands clapping emojis).”

One fan talks about how nice it is for Victoria to have high expectations when it comes to men and a relationship.
Pic credit: @clickbaitbn/Instagram

Moreover, other Bachelor Nation viewers applauded her message and told her to preach and that it was well said.

More Bachelor Nation fans love Victoria's message.
Pic credit: @clickbaitbn/Instagram

For the entire podcast episode with Victoria, click here.

While Bachelor Nation fans are hoping to see Victoria this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, Victoria herself would love to go to the island as well. She is open to finding love in the franchise … just as long as that guy can wow her from the start.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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