Varya Malina got her Florida driver’s license, spills the tea on Natalie Mordovtseva friendship

Varya Malina from 90 Day Fiance
Varya Malina is already making a life for herself in America Pic credit: @varya.malina/Instagram

Varya Malina has been in America for months and now, it seems that she is planning to make her stay permanent by putting down some roots.

And for those who were wondering if she’d end up in Tennessee with Geoffrey Paschel or if she would be going on this adventure alone, it seems that she’s finally given us a hint about her future plans.

The Russian beauty just revealed that, after spending months living in Florida and exploring everything the Sunshine State had to offer, she has taken an extra step to obtain her Florida State Driver’s License.

Varya has been in America for ‘almost half a year’

Varya Malina has been great about keeping her fans updated on her travels and telling us about all the fun things she’s been doing and it looks like the latest adventure for her has been a trip to the DMV.

She admitted that she’s been in America for “almost half a year” now and it’s time to get her license to drive. Varya explained that she went to get a license because she can’t find her Russian license. She lost it and now, she can’t drive a car without a license.

Varya explained that she had to pass all the same tests that one would when they are getting their license for the first time and that included passing a four-hour test. She got 80 percent right, which means she’s allowed to go to the DMV for the next step, which would be the actual behind-the-wheel driving test, which she was planning to do today.

Varya updates fans on her friendship with Natalie Mordovtseva

While Varya was trying to update her 90 Day Fiance fanbase on her driver’s license adventure, she revealed that her friend Natalie had been calling her over and over despite her declining the calls. She did confirm that she’d call her back when she was done.

Then, she went on to dish on her time with Natalie, telling her followers about going to Universal Studios together and running into people who recognized either one or both of them as they tried to enjoy the park.

She didn’t give too many details about her time with Natalie but it was a lot more than she’s told us about her current status with Geoffrey. And clearly, they are still close since Natalie was trying so hard to get ahold of her. Hopefully, we’ll see more of them together in the future.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.