Vanderpump Rules: Who is Charli Burnett’s boyfriend Corey Loftus?

VPR star Charli Burnett
Who is Charli Burnett’s boyfriend Corey Loftus? Pic credit: Bravo/@charliburnett/Instagram

Vanderpump Rules newbie Charli Burnett is still working on finding her place amongst her castmates in the show’s current season, but she’s certainly making strides.

Charli started Season 9 off with a toe-to-toe confrontation with her controversial co-star Lala Kent that resulted in Charli getting honest about her past struggles with food.

However, Vanderpump Rules viewers got to know Charli a little bit better after Tuesday’s episode when she revealed she was moving into a new place with her boyfriend, Corey Loftus.

So, who is Charli’s beau?

Vanderpump Rules viewers meet Charli Burnett’s boyfriend Corey Loftus

Up until Tuesday’s episode, Charli’s boyfriend Corey was a great mystery. While the group was vacationing in Palm Springs Charli spoke with Corey briefly on the phone so viewers at least got to hear his voice, but that’s about all they got.

It turns out that Charli’s man was just waiting to make his debut and he didn’t disappoint. Corey was present throughout the duration of the episode and even participated in a cast dinner party.

According to both his Instagram and LinkedIn, Corey works in commerce in Los Angeles.

And although Corey just made his debut on Tuesday’s Vanderpump Rules episode, his relationship with Charli isn’t quite so new.

In fact, Corey has been featured several times on Charli’s Instagram, and to say they’re a striking couple is an understatement.

Charli says her followers compare Corey to famous rapper Macklemore

During the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Charli seized the opportunity to introduce her man, and that came with the admission that she was looking forward to moving out of the home they were currently sharing.

According to Charli, the home was his prior to her moving in and she wanted to move somewhere neutral where she knew he hadn’t slept with any other women.

“I’m dating a playboy,” Charli jokingly admitted in her confessional. “Look at him. He’s a tall dude with tattoos, good style, good looking…who didn’t f**k Corey?”

And if that wasn’t enough, Charli shared that her Instagram followers have also compared her beau to famous rapper Macklemore.

During a conversation on The Daily Dish podcast at the end of October, Charli joked that she didn’t see what her followers were claiming at first.

“Now, I can’t get it out of my head,” Charli stated. “He hates that joke, but it’s so funny. Because so many people comment, like, when I post him, like, ‘Are you dating Macklemore?’ And so yesterday, I was like, ‘I have to post this that you came to SUR as Macklemore.”

Viewers will have to watch the remainder of the season unfold to see just how often Corey makes an appearance, but Charli indicated that he’s just as close to the Vanderpump Rules cast as she is.

“He’s the one that always has [days] off, and he hangs out and parties with the crew more than I do,” she spilled. Which makes sense considering that Charli is often busy serving at SUR.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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