Vanderpump Rules: Charli Burnett opens up about struggling with food, says she’s finally overcome her ‘fear’

Charli Burnett
Vanderpump Rules newbie Charli Burnett opened up about her issues with food after the latest VPR episode. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules isn’t shying away from the drama this season, even if it’s deeply emotional. That was the case in Tuesday night’s episode as VPR star Lala Kent went head-to-head with Charli Burnett.

While vacationing in Palm Springs, the cast gathered for a meal, but the conversation turned sour when Lala called Charli a b***h. The initial back and forth between the two ended up with them rehashing some of Lala’s past comments about Charli, including calling her a moron for comments she made about pasta in Season 8.

The entire scene was tough to watch as Charli got emotional about her struggles with food and why she found Lala’s comments to be so triggering.

Following the episode’s airing, Charli took to her social media to elaborate on her experience and took the opportunity to apologize to anyone she may have hurt.

Charli opens up about her food issues, says episode made her ‘vulnerable’

Over on her Instagram Stories, Charli opened up about her struggles and explained that she has a hard time explaining herself in words.

The now-expired story was captured by @pumprules, and they give followers and the Vanderpump Rules audience a real glimpse into Charli’s perspective.

“Last nights [sic] episode was a very vulnerable one for me,” she wrote. “Being in a position that magnifies my biggest issue of being misunderstood due to my lack of words not knowing the effect it would have after.”

Charli’s statement continued to explain that she often says “silly” things to avoid talking about the tough stuff, especially if she’s not ready to open up.

She then apologized for possibly offending anyone with her comments around food but confessed that she’s finally beginning to heal from her past.

After admitting that her food issues left her “depressed, embarrassed and ashamed,” Charli concluded, “I hope after this episode you are able to understand me a little more and know that I’ve grown so much from that point. I’ve forgiven my past & people involved in my past and just want to move forward.”

Charli’s issues with food run deep, Lala’s comments triggered her

Back in Season 8, Charli had a conversation with her former co-star Dayna Kathan where she stated that she’s never eaten pasta because she believed it was the reason people gained weight.

At the time, Lala commented that it made Charli a moron. However, this past episode cast a new light on Charli’s comments.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had issues with food. The only way to get out of situations was just to eat a PB&J because everyone has bread, jelly, and peanut butter at their house,” Charli said during a confessional before admitting that she was punished for not eating certain foods as a child.

Seeing that Lala is not one to back down, it’s not surprising that she wasn’t quite able to smooth the waters with Charli. She openly admitted that she couldn’t promise “not” to call Charli a b***h again in the future.

Vanderpump Rules audiences will have to watch the season unfold to see if Lala and Charli can find any common ground.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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