Vanderpump Rules: Scheana Shay’s fiance Brock Davies admits to having ‘slapped’ his ex-wife

VPR personality Brock Davies.
Vanderpump Rules newbie Brock Davies admits he “slapped” his first wife in a domestic altercation. Pic credit: Bravo

Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules continued to address some pretty heavy topics, specifically around Scheana Shay’s fiance Brock Davies and his previous marriage.

Vanderpump Rules viewers learned in earlier episodes that Brock doesn’t currently have a relationship with his two children from his first marriage. He openly admitted that it had been four years since he’d spoken to or seen his children.

And adding insult to injury, Brock made a shocking confession to SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump during dinner at her home with the rest of the cast that left viewers’ jaws on the floor.

Brock Davies admits he ‘slapped’ his ex-wife on latest episode of Vanderpump Rules

While the cast dined at Lisa’s home, Brock took the opportunity to own up to mistakes that he’d made in his past seemingly in the hopes that they would come to understand him just a little bit more.

The tense conversation, which included Lala Kent adding her two cents, was a tough dinner discussion to cover.

“Obviously, I just want to make sure you guys understand I have a history. But I’ve learned from all my mistakes I’ve made,” he admitted to the group.

However, it wasn’t until a later discussion with Lisa that Brock laid it all out on the table and confessed that he wasn’t “proud” of his past.

“The person I am today isn’t that person I was ten years ago,” he told her. “I tried to have a brief conversation with Lala. I thought she would understand…Look, it’s more complicated than me kicking in the front door and seeing my kids. The situation between me and my ex was toxic, and yeah, there was an instance one time. And I did slap my partner. I did. I’m not proud of that.”

Brock acknowledges the pain his choices have inflicted on his kids

Brock continued to tell Lisa, “We separated, she then took my kids away from me…I then needed to go to court, appeal it. We went to court and it was lifted.”

According to Brock, the altercation occurred when he was just 19-years-old. However, it wasn’t until a later run-in with his ex-wife’s father that a restraining order was filed against him.

“We had an argument and I slapped her. Following that, we moved to France. My little boy was born, we separated,” Brock stated in his confessional. “And then we found out we were pregnant with my little girl. That led to an argument with me and her dad, and they pressed the domestic violence order on me.”

Brock previously spoke about his children’s current family dynamic and admitted that they had a step-dad who has stepped in as a father figure.

“When I left Australia to come on the dream to do better for my whole family, in that time of being over here, they were with their stepdad. They had a new life. They had their lives in Australia,” he shared through tears. “I just feel like I’m not entitled to have these feelings because my kids, they’re the ones that missed out on this.”

However, Brock seems determined not to make the same mistakes again in his relationship with Scheana and the family they’re building with their daughter, Summer Moon.

“She just brings the best out of me,” he said. “That’s what I want to be for my family and everybody.”

Scheana has no plans in backing out of her relationship with Brock, either. She’s stood beside him through this tough storyline and if all goes to plan, the couple will wed in November 2022.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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