Vanderpump Rules: Scheana Shay’s fiance reveals why he hasn’t spoken to his children in four years

A picture of Scheana Shay alongside a picture of Scheana, Brock, and Summer Moon.
Scheana Shay came to fiance Brock Davies defense when it was revealed he hasn’t spoken to his children in four years. Pic credit: ©

Scheana Shay’s fiance Brock Davies is carving out a nice little space for himself on the Vanderpump Rules cast. He has Scheana’s back and after yesterday’s episode, she couldn’t help but gush about the way he has stepped up with their daughter Summer Moon.

However, the conversation quickly turned when it was revealed that Brock has two other children from a previous relationship that he hasn’t spoken to in quite some time. The news was shocking to his VPR co-stars Lala Kent and Randall Emmett, however, Scheana and Brock both pointed out that the situation is complicated and less than ideal.

During the episode, Brock admitted that he lost contact with his children when he split from their mother and moved his life to America. And according to the 31-year-old, it has been approximately four years since he has seen his son, Eli, and daughter, Winter.

Brock Davies hasn’t seen his children in four years

During his conversation with Lala and Randall, which also happened to be the first playdate for Vanderpump Rules babies Ocean and Summer Moon, Brock opened up about his painful past with his other children.

When Lala probed that he must at least FaceTime with his kids, Brock confessed that that wasn’t an option and explained that once he split from his former partner she cut his entire family out of the picture. And to rub salt in the wound, she moved on with another man who Brock said filled in the position of the father in their lives.

Brock noted that he had married his ex-wife when he was young and the couple had their first child when he was just 20 years old.

“I was a different person, you know?” he said.

He continued to say that he felt like a “badder father” and that he had “abandoned” them to pursue a life in America.

“I felt like I needed to like accept it because I was the one who moved to America, you know. I moved over here,” he said.

Then in a later confessional, Brock recalled the last time he saw his children at the Denver airport.

“The last time I saw my kids I remember them laughing and then I drove them up to Denver airport. And I got a photo of saying goodbye to them both,” Brock noted through his tears.

Scheana Shay defends Brock Davies not seeing his children, says ‘there’s a lot more’ to the story

Lala and Randall were clearly shaken by the news, but Scheana insists that there’s more to the story than people know when it comes to their entire situation.

She claimed that despite the “no contact” Brock has had with his children, “It’s not for lack of trying.”

Scheana carried on to say, “He moved to America to provide a better life for his family.”

But Brock’s family drama doesn’t end there. It turns out that his youngest daughter, Summer Moon, shares a birthday with his oldest daughter. The coincidence may seem sweet to some, but Brock’s ex didn’t take too kindly to learning they had named the baby after a season, similar to Winter. Instead, she felt that Brock was trying to replace the daughter they already share.

Naturally, Scheana denied the accusation and claimed that she’s wanted to name her baby Summer since she was sixteen.

If the relationship between Brock and his children isn’t mended, there is a good chance they won’t be attending the couple’s planned nuptials in Bali.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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