Vanderpump Rules: Lisa Vanderpump helped James Kennedy prepare for his proposal to Raquel Leviss

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss
Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy reveals he asked Lisa Vanderpump for advice when planning his proposal to Raquel. Pic credit: ©

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 has been heavy on the romance, at least when it comes to James Kennedy and his now-fiancee Raquel Leviss.

The couple’s engagement was captured by Vanderpump Rules cameras and played out in a recent episode of the hit Bravo reality show. The entire proposal revolved around Raquel’s favorite things and although she now admits that she “had a feeling” that James would propose while the group was vacationing in Palm Springs, James had several moving pieces playing out in the background in order to prepare for the big moment.

In fact, James recently admitted that he elicited the help of SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump, who requested to see what James planned on saying prior to actually popping the question.

Lisa Vanderpump helped James Kennedy prepare to propose to Raquel

While speaking with E! News’ Daily Pop, James and Raquel dished on all their ideas for what they’d like their special day to look like. And while it seems their special day won’t happen anytime soon (they’re currently planning to wed in 2023,) James knew the proposal needed to be what dreams were made of.

But a burning question was if James told Lisa about his proposal plans before it happened. Long-time Vanderpump Rules fans know that Lisa has always had a soft spot for James. After all of his dramatic and drunken outbursts, Lisa was always looking to help him get back on track, so it’s no surprise she was there to support his plans to propose to Raquel.

“Did you call Lisa [Vanderpump] before you got engaged or before you proposed? And did she give you any advice?” co-host Karamo Brown asked James.

“Oh yes,” he responded. “She’s always giving me advice. We actually, like, had dinner over at Villa Rosa and she actually made me get down on one knee in front of her and try this out.”

James says after practicing his proposal in front of Lisa, he only kept the parts he knew she approved of.

James is two years sober and Raquel is proud of how far he’s come

A massive aspect of the progression of James and Raquel’s relationship parallels his journey with sobriety. Raquel had a hard time dealing with James’ drunken antics over the years. They often left her overwhelmed and embarrassed. However, since finding sobriety, Raquel says he’s “grown so much.”

When asked how she felt about the idea of James continuing to DJ at clubs after they’re married, Raquel clarified that their relationship has changed drastically since he’s gotten sober.

“James has been two years sober now,” Raquel stated. “And he really has, he’s grown so much. And I trust him with all of my heart.”

James agreed with Raquel and added, “There’s zero alcohol happening, so by the time I’m done with my set, you know…I’ll take some pictures and I’m out.”

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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