Vanderpump Rules: Lala Kent tearfully recalls rushing daughter Ocean to the ER, she ‘couldn’t breathe’

VPR star Lala Kent.
Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent talks about having to rush her daughter Ocean to the emergency room after realizing she “couldn’t breathe.” Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent recently experienced a terrifying medical emergency with her daughter, 1-year-old Ocean.

Lala shares Ocean with former fiance Randall Emmett. Though Randall also has two daughters, London, 12, and Rylee, 9, with ex-wife Ambyr Childers, baby Ocean is the only child for Lala and Randall.

The two ended their three-year engagement in 2021 after cheating rumors surfaced against the film producer and director. The allegations included photos of Randall out on the town in Nashville with two anonymous young women.

Following their split, Lala maintained that she wanted as little to do with Randall as possible and kept her distance through what she called “parallel parenting,” with the hopes that some day she’d be able to go no contact with him.

Until then, the two parents have continued to share custody of Ocean and the little one is frequently featured on both of their social media pages.

During a recent episode of her Give Them Lala podcast, Lala opened up about the ordeal and the impact it had on her as a mom.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent recalls rushing daughter Ocean to the ER

During her podcast, Lala recalled the moment she realized her daughter was in distress.

According to the reality television star, she put Ocean to bed at her usual time of 7:00pm. However, she then heard her crying and instantly knew “something’s wrong.”

Lala then shared that she went into Ocean’s room and found her “gasping for air. Like, she cannot breathe.”

Despite the instant fear that came over her, Lala admitted she thought it might be a positive sign that Ocean was “screaming” since it would mean air was making its way into her lungs.

“I was keeping an eye on her for what seemed like an hour which was really five minutes before I decided we’re going to the emergency room — like something’s off,” she confessed.

After a failed attempt to clear her airways with the steam from a nearby shower, Lala and her mom, who happened to be in town, took Ocean into Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. And once they arrived Lala shared that Ocean was “pushed” into a room almost immediately.

Ultimately, Ocean was diagnosed with croup. As per the Mayo Clinic, croup is defined as “an infection of the upper airway, which obstructs breathing and causes a characteristic barking cough.”

The little one has received a steroid to help “release the airway” and is on the mend.

Lala is dating a new man following split with Randall Emmett

While Lala is helping her daughter Ocean heal from croup, she’s also recently put herself back out onto the dating scene.

After teasing her followers with a glimpse of her new beau’s face and neck tattoos, it wasn’t long until his identity was discovered and he was revealed to be model Don Lopez.

Though the two have yet to go public, Lala did previously admit that she was falling for her new man and confessed at the time that “his face doesn’t match” what came “out of his mouth.”

Fans and followers will have to wait and see if the new couple make their relationship social media official any time soon.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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