Vanderpump Rules: Fans bash Scheana Shay, call out ‘narcissistic attitude’

VPR star Scheana Shay
Vanderpump Rules fans slam Scheana Shay for her “narcissistic” behavior. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules has seen its fair share of controversial personalities over its nine seasons. In fact, most of the longtime cast members have found themselves mixed into some sort of controversy.

And one VPR star who continues to find herself on the list of stars that fans “love to hate” is Scheana Shay.

From accusations of using her ex-husband’s addiction as a storyline to crying that Lala Kent’s panic attack was a “selfish” move, Scheana has often been bashed by the Vanderpump Rules fanbase. And in a recent post on social media, fans weighed in on what some call Scheana’s “narcissistic attitude.”

Vanderpump Rules fans call out Scheana Shay’s bad behavior

Over on a Reddit thread, a user wrote that they were unable to “get over her narcissistic attitude” and the way Scheana manages to make “everything about herself.”

“Even Lala having a panic attack she said in her confessional she was so selfish and not thinking about her during it.. like what?” the user wrote.

Fans seemingly agreed with the post and many weighed in that Scheana’s tendency to be self-centered is bad behavior.

“She is hands down the cringiest character ever,” one user commented on the thread. “She is one of those girls who will throw any girlfriend under the bus for a guy. She is the epitome of a pick me girl. She has made me change the channel more than once to avoid second hand embarrassment.”

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Scheana's behavior.
Pic credit: @u/fgghyubjj/Reddit

Other users were bothered by her past actions, including using her ex-husband’s addiction as a storyline.

“Yes! I always thought she was insecure at the root of it and I had empathy for her. When she encouraged Shay to drink it was a whole different ballgame. That’s not love in my book,” wrote another commenter.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Scheana's behavior.
Pic credit: @u/Factsnotfukery77/Reddit

In agreeance, another user responded, “yeah exactly it was super ignorant! she only cares about how things affect her, shes definitely a narcissist I have no doubt!”

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Scheana's behavior.
Pic credit: @u/Familiar-Mammoth-419/Reddit

Vanderpump Rules fans wonder why Scheana isn’t bothered by Brock’s lack of relationship with his children

Another massive problem that Vanderpump Rules fans have with Scheana is her lack of concern around why her fiance, and baby daddy, Brock Davies doesn’t have a relationship with his two other children from a previous relationship. The couple welcomed their daughter Summer Moon in April of this year.

In early episodes of the current season, Scheana and Brock sat down with Lala Kent and Randall Emmett and revealed that Brock hasn’t seen or spoken to his children in four years.

This revelation shocked Scheana’s co-stars and viewers alike, and one Reddit user shared their concern in Scheana’s lack of concern.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Scheana's behavior.
Pic credit: @u/dadanielle/Reddit

“Men come before everything with her,” the comment reads in part. “The fact that she didn’t even question [Brock’s] relationship with his kids because ‘he treats her like gold’ shows the kind of girl she is. And then naming her daughter summer and saying brock’s kids mom made a big deal about it was… All I needed to see of Scheana to see that being a mother hasn’t changed her.”

Whether you love her or love to hate her, the one thing that can be said is that Scheana is nothing if not consistent.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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