Vanderpump Rules: Critics slam Lala Kent’s new merch, call it ‘cringe’

VPR star Lala Kent.
Critics slam Lala Kent’s newest merch design and call it “cringe.” Pic credit: ©

Vanderpump Rules critics aren’t taking it easy on Lala Kent’s latest merchandise designs and claim her newest attempt at a catch phrase is “cringe”-worthy.

Following her split from ex-fiance Randall Emmett, Lala seized the opportunity to completely rebrand herself and take back control of the narrative.

After rumors began to swirl that Randall had been cheating on Lala, it didn’t take long for photos to surface online that showed the film producer out on the town with young women while visiting Nashville without Lala. While he was in Tennessee, Lala was back home in California caring for their newborn daughter Ocean.

Lala split from Randall shortly after the pictures hit the internet and immediately worked to separate herself from her baby daddy.

One of the first alterations Lala made in her life was cutting Randall out of their shared podcast. Initially named Give Them Lala…With Randall, Lala wasted no time dropping him and his name from their platform.

Next, Lala had to address her Rand tattoo that was placed on her arm. Instead of going through several sessions of tattoo removal, Lala opted to change the saying altogether and it now reads bRand new.

Hot on the heels of her tattoo change, Lala made the bold decision to add her new tattoo design to a line of Give Them Lala merchandise. She marketed the new merch shortly after making the permanent change to her tattoo.

Now, it seems that Lala wants to continue the trend of quoting herself through merchandise. And as it turns out, many Vanderpump Rules fans aren’t thrilled at the idea and find it to be a little embarrassing.

Vanderpump Rules critics call Lala Kent’s latest merch ‘cringe’

Over on Reddit, a user posted a picture of Lala’s latest Instagram upload and shared the image’s caption which read, “Knowledge is power.”

Lala’s caption was a nod at the T-shirt she was modeling in the picture which referenced her earlier comments about hiring a private investigator to run background checks on any potential dates she may have.

“My P.I. knows all about you,” the shirt quoted.

It didn’t take long for other Reddit users to weigh in with their own thoughts on her T-shirt.

“Sorry but all the merch she makes (this PI thing and ‘I’ve taken up reading books’) none of it is clever or funny, it’s super cringe. Does anyone actually buy this s**t? ?,” one user wrote.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @u/ProfessionalHeart839/Reddit

Another shared, “I agree. She really thought she was doing something with her bRand new tattoo and getting her ‘merch’ out asap. Who wants to wear a this shirt or a ‘bRand new’ shirt (ew)… or anything referencing Thumb [Randall Emmett]? Or her gross relationship with him? Those sweats that have the books comment on them are so ugly.”

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @u/moonchild291/Reddit

Others chimed in that Lala should have seen the red flags long before she finally walked away.

“If you needed a PI to tell you that Randall sucked… you’re not very bright lol,” another user commented.

In response, one critic suggested Lala would have been better off if she had just listened to her castmates when they warned her about Randall.

“Save the money and listen to your cast mates who were warning her the whole time. Stop defending ‘my man’ and listen. She made her own bed, everyone else knew, Lala definitely knew,” they alleged.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @u/Infamous_Annual4322/Reddit, @u/TJ-the-DJ/Reddit

Users claim Lala knew about Randall’s cheating ways

While several users called out Lala’s latest round of merch designs, others accused her of knowing that Randall had been unfaithful but claim she may have stayed for the money.

“She knew,” one comment read. “She just got caught publicly and now has to do damage control.”

“How could she not know? All she could see was $$$ signs,” said another.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @u/zilazav/Reddit, @u/IntelligentSuspect63/Reddit

Another user commented they believed Lala knew about Randall like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne knew about the shady dealings of her now-ex-husband Tom Girardi.

“I think she didn’t know about Rand like Erika Jayne didn’t know about Tom Girardi – she knew what she felt like she needed to, and didn’t ask about anything more,” the comment said, in part.

Screenshot from Reddit thread about Lala Kent.
Pic credit: @u/StarDatAssinum/Reddit

Whether or not Lala knew the full extent of Randall’s infidelity remains a mystery. What is clear, however, is that many Pump Rules viewers aren’t fans of her merch or capitalizing on their dramatic split.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

She met him while he was married and he was cheating with her. Was she really that convinced that he would change with her? C’mon!!! Once a cheater . . .