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Unsellable Houses exclusive: Painting an ombre wall is a messy undertaking for Lyndsay and Leslie

HGTV’s new hit series, Unsellable Houses, has a fun and informative clip from this week’s episode that airs on Tuesday.

Twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are highly talented, funny, and entertaining new talents in the home renovation realm. In the exclusive clip above, Lyndsay and Leslie get in a sisterly paint fight while attempting to DIY an ombre paint wall in this episode’s renovation.

They are the latest duo to shine on HGTV’s roster, as their day jobs as top-selling real estate agents is aided and abetted by their moonlighting as renovators and restorers — for the most part.

They help struggling homeowners in the Pacific Northwest sell properties that are afflicted with terrible curb appeal and just plain ugly unsellable features in record time.

Will these two become the next Drew and Jonathan Scott? We will see on HGTV.

Who are the Unsellable Twins?

Lyndsay, an expert in home renovation, design, and staging, and Leslie, an expert in budget and negotiations, are so confident they can sell any home that they’re willing to invest their own money to make the sale.

These two have worked together for five years, although Lyndsay has been doing real estate longer.

In a fun interview with their local paper, the two shared their secret to selling a whopping 170 properties last year in the Seattle area:

“We’ll look at a home and say ‘Okay this one is listed for $300,000. However this area warrants a sales price of $400,000,'” explained Lamb. “Let’s identify the problems. Let’s figure out how much the updates renovation repairs will cost.”

These two figure out the shortfall, add their own dough once the house is listed, and fix the immediate problems(s) for the homeowner to catch a sweet, fast sale.

Post sale, they reimburse their costs for the upfront fixaroo, and settle with the homeowner after commissions for what they call a “win-win.”

This new episode revolves around a woman who cares for her frail father, and who is struggling to sell her home in a hot neighborhood.

Leslie and Lyndsay jump at the opportunity to update this outdated property into a modernist showstopper that’s perfect for a higher-end homebuyer.

Lyndsay and Leslie
Lyndsay and Leslie get in a sisterly paint fight while attempting to ombre a wall. Pic credit: HGTV

What is an ombre paint wall and how do you do it?

We consulted Sherwin-Williams — a company that gives amazing step-by-step advice.

First, you prep the walls and tape off the baseboards. Then, you paint the lightest color in your ombre scheme. After the paint dries, you measure three horizontal sections and hit that middle section with the next darker color.

Then, the darkest is for the top horizontal taped off section.

They have a handy video here.

Unsellable Houses airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

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