Tyler Cameron says he blacked out when he met Hannah Brown for the first time

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron says he almost blacked out when he saw Hannah Brown for the first time. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler Cameron is speaking out about his time on The Bachelorette, even though it’s been over a year since he filmed the show.

A lot has happened in that year, including COVID-19, his mom passing away suddenly, and Tyler working on his friendship with Hannah B after she turned down his proposal on the show.

He has launched a YouTube channel, where he wants fans to get to know him outside of the Bachelorette franchise.

And yet, his second video is all about him and Hannah on The Bachelorette.

Tyler Cameron can’t stop talking about Hannah Brown

In the new video he shared this week, Tyler reveals that he was the last man to come out of the limo to meet Hannah.

Because of the production timeline, he sat for hours, waiting to be called.

“I was the last person to get picked up in the limo, the last person to go see Hannah,” Tyler recalls in his YouTube video.

“I was the 30th guy to come out of the limo. They told me [to] be ready by 5 o’clock. So I sat around, got my suit on. I was stocked. … I’m feeling good. [It’s] night one, gotta make [my] mama proud.”

Even though he had been told to be ready at 5 pm, he wasn’t called down to meet Hannah until about 11:30 pm at night. At that point in time, he was tired and freaked out over what was about to happen.

When he finally saw her, he admits he blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened or what he said to her.

“I get out to go see Hannah. [When] I see her, I basically blackout,” he explains. “I freak out [with all] the lights, the cameras. I’ve been, like, watching everyone else go all four times before me. I’m like, ‘Oh, I got this. I got this. Then I get out of the limo and I blackout. I don’t even know what I’m saying. I’m talking out of the side of my neck.”

“I’m just saying the craziest things and then I realized, ‘Oh, s–t. I’m supposed to be saying those lines with her right now.’ I, kind of, pick up halfway smiles with every single mile,” he explains.

You can watch this new episode below.

It was just last week that Tyler spoke to Us Weekly about his conversations with Hannah, revealing that they had talked about their wedding and what could have happened if they had indeed gotten engaged.

He is convinced that they would have been just fine if they had gotten engaged and that they would be together, possibly planning their wedding.

As for their future, Tyler admits that he has changed after his mom passed away. He doesn’t see the relationship the same way and he calls Hannah B a great friend.

Tyler Cameron has launched his own YouTube channel and fans aren’t happy about it

It was just a few weeks ago that Tyler announced that he was launching a YouTube channel. He didn’t like to be known as Tyler from The Bachelorette when he had so much else going on in his life.

However, it didn’t look like fans were thrilled with the content.

After Tyler launched his own YouTube channel, fans slammed him for using both Matt James and Hannah for bringing attention to his own ventures.

He blocked a fan account on Instagram after the user made these accusations, essentially denying that he was using his friends for more attention.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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