Tyler C and Gigi Hadid reportedly go on a second date: Is Hannah B out?

Tyler C
Tyler C and Gigi Hadid reportedly go on a second date. Pic credit: ABC

Tyler C appears to be a hot item these days, as he continues to enjoy the single life after getting his proposal rejected by Hannah B on the Bachelorette finale. And it sounds like he has been keeping his options open, as he has been spotted with both Hannah and Gigi Hadid over the past week.

As it turns out, one relationship may be getting more serious than the other. While everyone was deep into the Bachelor In Paradise premiere, Tyler and Gigi went out in New York City on a second date.

“Gigi is definitely interested in Tyler. They met for drinks last night at Soho and they got along really well. It was very casual but they were laughing and had a very engaged conversation,” a source has revealed about Tyler’s date with Gigi in New York City, adding, “They are both taking things slow but have both made it clear they are interested in each other.”

As we’ve previously revealed, Tyler and Gigi went on a date on Sunday evening. The two were spotted at Brooklyn’s Dumbo House and the two went to Gigi’s apartment for a drink. It’s uncertain whether he stayed the night.

We already know that Tyler stayed the night with Hannah B in Los Angeles, but the two reportedly just talked about their relationship. Hannah has revealed that Tyler is allowed to do what he wants, as is she.

“Tyler saw Hannah in LA and they had a good night and a good talk. But it’s probably not going to amount to much right now,” a source has revealed.

It sounds like his relationship with Gigi may be going better than his relationship with Hannah. Tyler and Gigi have plenty in common, as they have both worked in the modeling industry and they have things in common. They may even have the same friends, which may make it easy to talk and connect.

As for a future with Hannah, it isn’t completely out the door but it sounds like Tyler is enjoying his time with Gigi.

The Bachelorette has wrapped for the season.

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