Tristan Thompson trashed again after Maralee Nichols paternity scandal plays out on The Kardashians

Tristan Thompson is trashed again after paternity scandal aired on Hulu.
Tristan Thompson is trashed again after the recent paternity scandal aired on Hulu. Pic credit: Hulu

Star basketball player and father to Khloe Kardashian’s daughter True, Tristan Thompson, is having his name dragged through the mud again after the recent airing of the latest episode of The Kardashians. 

On the season finale of The Kardashians, fans witnessed the paternity scandal regarding Tristan’s infidelities with Maralee Nichols, which resulted in Tristan getting his name trashed on the internet again. 

Fans are over Tristan’s inability to be faithful 

In the most recent episode of The Kardashians, Tristan Thompson was under a lot of fire as it was revealed that he yet again cheated on Khloe and got another woman pregnant. 

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At the same time, Khloe planned on having this big extravagant life with him and their daughter True, but unfortunately, that is no longer in the cards. 

Because Tristan cheated and did not have the courtesy of telling Khloe before it made national news, things became tenser between them, and ultimately the pair separated. 

Khloe has spoken about forgiveness, however, her fans are far from the forgiveness train and want Khloe to move on as she deserves so much better.

Some fans took the initiative to display their pure disgust for Tristan on Twitter and called him out for being manipulative toward Khloe after she finally decided to let her guard down and trust him again. 

The fan said, “[TristanThompson] really ain’t [s**t] fr lol the man disgusts me…. and to play in [Khloe] face after he sincerely apologized multiple times…. a manipulative narc.”

Some fans think Tristan is a narcissist.
Pic credit: @theeitgrl/Twitter

Another fan took things a step further and referred to Tristan as being hilarious because he is not known for his professional basketball abilities but now is known for his serial cheating patterns. 

The fan said, “Tristan Thompson is so hilarious. Imagine working hard your whole life to play basketball and then you do and work to play great so you’re not dropped but yet you’re not known for being in the court but rather being a serial cheater with many baby mamas and probably a sex addict.” 

Some fans think Tristan chose to taint his own professional image.
Pic credit: @TAEHYONCE_/Twitter

Khloe believes her family is all she needs to get her through this

During the episode, Khloe mentioned that she knows that having her family around during this time in her life is all that she needs. 

Khloe praised her family for being able to rally around one another anytime anything severe occurs in one family member’s life. 

Khloe has always said that she wants her daughter to have an incredible bond with Tristan, so although the two did not work out, hopefully, their co-parenting skills will be strong enough to continue doing the great work of raising their daughter. 

The Kardashians are now streaming on Hulu. 

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