The Kardashians fans beg Khloe Kardashian to leave Tristan Thompson alone after message about forgiveness

Fans are empathetic and wish Khloe the best to get over Tristan.
Fans are empathetic and wish Khloe all the best to get over Tristan. Pic credit: HULU

Khloe Kardashian, star of The Kardashians, has been receiving an outpour of support from fans showing her love and empathy after airing the most recent episode of The Kardashians.

Khloe has forgiven Tristan for past infidelities; however, fans are hopeful that Khloe has had enough and will leave him alone for good. 

Fans show Khloe so much love and try to lift her spirits with kind words

One the season finale of The Kardashians, the Kardashian crew found out about Tristan’s most recent deceptions.

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Following the episode, Khloe released a message about forgiveness. The tweet has fans showing Khloe so much support. 

Khloe said, “Life is full of lessons, teachable moments. We should handle them with grace/love. Even if we are hurt by them. Take ur moment, cry/scream but remain composed & remember that love heals & teaches more than anger or hate ever will. We all deserve forgiveness and most of all… LOVE.”

Khloe shared a message about forgiveness.
Pic credit: @khloekardashian/Twitter

One fan commented on Khloe’s post and wished for her to find the love she truly deserves. 

The fan said, “i’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come. you’re the strongest person in this world! you deserve happiness and peace and i pray that’s what you’ll find #TheKardashians.” 

Fans share just how proud of Khloe they are.
Pic credit: @khloewifey/Twitter

Another fan commented on Khloe’s post and complimented Khloe on being such an excellent, well-rounded person. 

The fan said, “I really really wanted to give @khloekardashian a BIG hug and say “everything’s gonna be fine, Khloé. You are a rare person in this toxic world, an amazing mommy, daughter, sister, friend..and I love you lots” I hate to see her suffering like that. #TheKardashians.” 

A fan complimented Khloe on being so well rounded.
Pic credit: @ItsmeTess02/Twitter

One fan even decided to share a little insight on her own similar situation and thank Khloe for being so vulnerable. 

The fan said, “absolutely adore you Khloe. Thank u for being vulnerable. I had a similar experience with a love of mine. I let it go & gave it to God. I pray for better days ahead.”

Fans thank Khloe for being so vulnerable.
Pic credit: @AlexisB93049027/Twitter

Although many fans empathized with Khloe regarding forgiveness, some thought Khloe shouldn’t be so quick to forgive. 

One fan commented on the post, “Some people really don’t deserve forgiveness. They really don’t. You don’t have to hate them, but you don’t have to keep making it easy for them hurt you.”

Some people think Khloe shouldn't be so quick to forgive.
Pic credit: @nikki_tkv/Twitter

Khloe hasn’t had the best of luck with Tristan

Unsurprisingly, Khloe hasn’t had the best of luck with Tristan and his constant infidelities. 

Like many other women in the Kardashian crew, Khloe tried to work things out with Tristan for True’s sake; however, Tristan continued to lie to Khloe and show her who he indeed was. 

Khloe repeatedly said that she had tried to work it out with Tristan for their daughter’s sake, but at some point, enough has to be enough, and hopefully, that was the final straw.

The Kardashians are streaming on HULU. 

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