Top 5 MAFS cast members that fans think could replace Jamie Otis as host of Unfiltered

Beth and Jamie on the couch
These 5 MAFS cast members have fans nominating them to be the new MAFS: Unfiltered host. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s talk show Unfiltered is getting a major change. 

Long-time host and former Married at First Sight Season 1 cast member, Jamie Otis, revealed that she was let go from Unfiltered and seemingly was blindsided by the decision. 

Jamie may not have seen her firing coming, but plenty of MAFS viewers have been eager to see someone new in the hosting seat for a long while, with many people liking the idea of the next host being a more current MAFS cast member.

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There hasn’t been an official confirmation about who would host the MAFS show, which has led many fans to have fun discussing who they think has the best shot at the hosting gig. 

Plenty of names have been thrown out from MAFS reunion host Kevin Frazier to former cast members who are still married and previous cast members who got divorced after Decision Day. 

Here are the top five names that have been circulating among fans in terms of taking over as the MAFS: Unfiltered host. 

1. Gil Cuero (Season 13) 

Gil Cuero in a suit
Fans root for Gil Cuero to get the hosting gig. Pic credit: Lifetime

Gil Cuero is the newest addition to the MAFS “fan favorite club” as many women and men praised him for the way he conducted himself as a husband. \

Despite most of MAFS season 13 being messy, Gil was a bright light and viewers enjoyed his charm, humor, patience, and willingness to ask the tough questions in group settings with his costars. 

Now that MAFS cast members can have public social media accounts, Gil has accumulated the most followers for MAFS Season13 by far, making it clear he’s a big hit among MAFS viewers. He also revealed he’s received over 2500 DMs with plenty of positive and complimentary messages. 

Many viewers believe that Gil has all the qualities required to make a great host and they have taken to social media to voice their support of Gil leveraging his natural presence on camera into a hosting gig for the show. 

Interestingly, Gil addressed the idea of hosting Unfiltered and said if they wanted him to do it he would be open. 

2. Amani Randall 

Amani Randall in a dress
Amani Randall is known to tell it like it is with grace and wit. Pic credit: Lifetime

A MAFS cast member that fans have often expressed a desire to see become the Unfiltered host is Married at First Sight Season 11 star Amani Randall. 

Amani captured America’s heart during her season of MAFS and many feel that Amani and Woody are the best couple to come out of the franchise. Amani and Woody became fan favorites for their balanced approach to the unique MAFS process and for their vibrant fun personalities.

Woody and Amani’s relationship was one of the few genuine love stories on the show and it was refreshing to watch. Amani and Woody have since been welcomed into the MAFS family and currently feature on MAFS: Couples Cam as well as various MAFS specials, as fans are always eager to see more of Woody and Amani on their screen. 

Along with Amani and Woody’s relationship being a highlight within the Married at First Sight franchise, viewers loved Amani’s straightforward way of communicating and supporting her fellow cast members. Whenever the MAFS Season 11 cast would get together, Amani was the one who would ask the real questions and be there for those around her.

Amani was able to communicate with humor, grace, and wisdom which is a huge reason why viewers would like her to be the first choice if Lifetime decides to replace Jamie Otis with a fellow cast member. 

3. Clara Oubre (Season 12) 

Clara Berghaus in blue
Clara Berghaus’ chatty and bubbly personality could make her a front runner for the hosting gig. Pic credit: Lifetime

Clara Oubre, whose Instagram handle still features her ex-husband’s last name, is also someone whose name has been thrown around when speculating on who will replace Jamie Otis. 

Clara and her MAFS ex Ryan Oubre had an up and down relationship where they almost seemed better off as friends. They had issues as a couple but often those issues were overshadowed by far messier and dysfunctional couples from their season such as Erik & Virginia, Haley & Jake, and Paige & Chris.

One of the biggest issues in Ryan and Clara’s marriage was Clara’s alleged sexual frustrations. Frustrations and all, Clara and Ryan ended up saying yes on Decision Day and even revealed that they had consummated their marriage during filming despite editing suggesting otherwise. 

Ryan and Clara appeared happily married post-show, but they ultimately decided to end their brief marriage and get a divorce. Ryan and Clara’s divorce was shocking since they had just done interviews as a married couple and were even planning a vow renewal. 

When news broke of their split, Clara’s social media activity was often ominous and suggested that she was hurt and blindsided by the divorce, which led many fans to rally around her. Having built up a supportive fan base, Clara has fans believing she has the potential to take over as host.

4. Elizabeth Bice (Season 9) 

Elizabeth Bice in white
As a host, Beth would ask the questions viewers are dying to know. Pic credit: Lifetime

Elizabeth “Beth” Bice is arguably one of the biggest personalities to come out of Married at First Sight. 

Beth’s personality was as fiery as the red hair she rocked throughout her season and, despite having such an explosive relationship, Beth and her MAFS husband Jamie have managed to make their marriage work and are still in a relationship to this day. 

Since debuting on MAFS, Beth has received lots of screen time on both Married at First Sight: Couple’s Cam as well as other MAFS specials. 

Having created some of the most memorable moments and one-liners on the show, Beth has built up a reputation of being boldly unfiltered which would be fitting for the Unfiltered show. 

Some viewers are a bit weary of Beth’s over-the-top personality but it’s undeniable that she would be bold enough to ask future MAFS cast members the juiciest questions if she were to host Unfiltered. 

5. Bennett Kirschner (Season 11) 

Bennett Kirschner in white
Bennett would add a unique spin to Unfiltered if he were the host. Pic credit: Lifetime

If MAFS: Unfiltered wanted to go the more eccentric route, fans feel they should go with MAFS Season 11 star Bennett Kirschner. 

Bennett was undeniably unique, quirky, and sweet and his odd artsy charm led MAFS viewers to fall in love with him. Bennett’s name even trended on Twitter due to his increasing popularity. 

Many were rooting for Bennett and Amelia’s marriage to go the distance after they seemed to fall in love on the show and were committed enough to relocate to Virginia together for Amelia’s residency. Despite seeming like they had all the potential to work, Amelia and Bennett, unfortunately, decided to get a divorce this year. 

Having gone through the MAFS experience, Bennett has since offered to be a beacon of support and advice for anyone else thinking of participating in the show. 

In a post that featured Bennett smiling in a graduation cap he wrote, “As a recent graduate of MAFS Academy (also known as ‘Love U’), I would like to offer myself as a resource to anyone who is currently going through ‘the process’ or considering embarking on this strange adventure. Please feel free to reach out in my DM’s if you’re about to marry a stranger in front of cameras and have any questions”

His willingness to offer advice and his knack for being unapologetically himself is part of why fans think Bennett could take on the Unfiltered hosting duties. 

All five of these former cast members have personalities that pop on screen. If MAFS: Unfiltered continues, who do you think would be best as the next host now that Jamie Otis is out?

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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