MAFS: Clara Oubre reveals she plans to keep ex-husband Ryan’s last name

Clara Oubre gives an exasperated smile while resting her head in her hand
Clara intends to remain an “Oubre” despite her recent divorce. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 12 star, Clara Oubre has been inviting her followers to ask her anything during her flight delays and answering tons of questions on social media. 

She recently gave an answer regarding her last name that fans might find surprising due to her unexpected split from former husband Ryan Oubre. 

Clara Oubre won’t be changing her last name back to Berghaus 

Clara shared that one of her most asked questions is if she’ll be changing her last name, which is still currently “Oubre” on social media, now that she and Ryan are divorcing.

Clara was blunt in explaining why she has yet to remove Oubre from her name and why she might remain an Oubre for the indefinite future. 

Responding to the question regarding her possibly changing her “@claraoubre” instagram handle, Clara posted a cute pic of her pet husky and a caption stating, “And BC I’ve gotten this ~482 times…My last name has legally already been changed to Oubre and I have no plans to change it again any time soon.” 

The legal process of changing maiden names to a spouse’s name can be time-consuming, which could play a part in Clara not wanting to go through the hassle of legally changing her name back to Berghaus. However, the decision is also unexpected considering some of Clara’s past comments have led fans to speculate that her and Ryan’s divorce allegedly wasn’t mutual. 

Clara's dog Miska rests on the couch in a close-up photo
Clara has a surprising answer to her most asked question. Pic credit: @claraoubre/Instagram

Fans speculate that Clara was blindsided by Ryan 

After Clara and Ryan’s joint statement about amicably going their separate ways, Clara seemed to be sending some subliminal messages that the split wasn’t as clean-cut as it initially appeared. 

Clara posted that she was listening to Taylor Swift’s album filled with songs about being underappreciated and heartbroken after her divorce. 

She also made TikToks regarding the divorce and when a fan asked her about the vow renewal she and Ryan had been planning prior to their breakup, Clara alluded to the fact that she had put a good chunk of change into the New Years Eve themed vow renewal and was fully in the midst of planning just before the couple called off the marriage. 

Clara keeping Ryan’s last name could indicate that there’s not as much bad blood between the two as originally perceived. Along with already having gone through the lengthy process of legally changing her name to Oubre, perhaps Ryan and Clara are in a similar situation to MAFS Season 12 stars, Erik and Virginia, who announced that they are still open to potentially exploring their relationship despite also filing for divorce. 

Regardless of where Clara and Ryan’s relationship stands, Clara has expressed gratitude to those who have sent her love and support as she navigates life after being married at first sight.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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