MAFS: Jamie Thompson got a new camera and apparently, it takes amazing photos of Beth Bice

Jamie Thompson and Beth Bice smile on their wedding day
Jamie Thompson and Beth Bice smile on their wedding day Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Thompson and Beth Bice are one of MAFS most-watched and recognizable couples. Now, Jamie has made the couple even easier to follow with the purchase of his new camera, which he is already using to highlight his still blushing bride, Beth.

Beth and Jamie are from the MAFS Charlotte season, but in the show’s finale, they revealed they would be packing up and switching coasts. The couple moved all the way across the country to Santa Barbara.

They’ve kept our attention on the MAFS spinoff Couples Cam, which recently showed Jamie down on one knee at a romantic picnic at the park, giving Beth the proposal (and ring) she never got. Another picture-perfect moment for the couple. While their life might be picture-perfect now, it definitely wasn’t always that way…

Beth shared this stunning photo of herself with Married at First Sight fans, telling her followers that it was taken by Jamie with his brand new camera. And while Beth is a beautiful woman, this impromptu photo is really, really good!

We’re really hoping that Jamie uses his camera even more and that Beth keeps sharing his work with us.

Jamie and Beth, love at first sight?

Jamie and Beth were definitely one of the more dynamic couples of MAFS. Between their explosive fights and their unfortunate outbursts, the two definitely had passion, and we don’t mean in the bedroom.

In fact, a discussion about their sex life became one of the couple’s most publicized arguments, in which Jamie accused Beth of withholding sex and Beth fired back, accusing Jamie of having “basic Caucasian sex,” whatever that means, they’ll probably never live that down. That quote became the center of controversy, jokes, and even t-shirts. It was quite a scene.

The couple even was rumored to have divorced as recently as the past year, with Jamie posting unexplained pictures of spending the holidays on his own and as the couple unfollowed each other on social media. But once again, Jamie and Beth came back like Rocky to fight off the divorce rumors and continue on with their fiery romance.

Sunshine and Rainbows

Although Beth and Jamie may have started off with some dim hopes, they are all sunshine and smiles now as Beth shows off her California glow in her new Instagram picture taken by her now camera-toting hubby.

There’s just something about Jamie and Beth, that has always intrigued viewers. Whether it was their explosive, unpredictable fights or their over-the-top romantic gestures, they were certainly a dynamic duo. Fans loved watching the couple fight the odds to stay together, proving there is just something about an underdog, that will always capture our hearts and attention.

Married At First Sight Season 13 premieres on July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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