Did Married at First Sight’s Jamie and Beth break up?

Jamie and Elizabeth
Jamie seemed to spend the holiday alone, with promises of more information about his situation. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Thompson from Married at First Sight posted on Instagram that he was spending Thanksgiving alone. That’s surprising, considering he and his wife, Elizabeth Bice, whom he married the first time he ever met her, seemed to be doing well after moving to California.

Jamie posted a picture, on his Instagram story, of himself holding a glass of wine in front of a fire at Nappa Valley. It had the caption: “Sometimes you have to spend holidays alone. More to come on this later.” The caption ended with a sad face emoji.

Jamie's Instagram story
Jamie posted this cryptic picture and caption on his Instagram story. Pic credit: @jamie_the_hubby/Instagram

Jamie has yet to elaborate on exactly why he was spending the holiday alone. The couple has also stopped following each other on social media.

Jamie and Elizabeth got married on Season 9 of the show that they say is “a modern take on arranged marriage.” The couples take on a social experiment where they are matched by experts and then married when they first meet.

The marriage started with plenty of chemistry between Jamie and Beth, however, that turned to turmoil rather quickly. While on their honeymoon, Beth became angry with Jamie for going to eat without her. The couple subsequently had arguments through the filming about many things, and Jamie walked out on the marriage a few times. Viewers saw the couple call each other names, and Beth even flipped a table out of anger.

Despite all of the arguments and fighting, the couple decided to stay married at the end of the experiment. They also announced on the reunion show that they were moving to California together. Things seemed to be great for the couple and then Jamie posted his Instagram story.

Married at First Sight is produced by Kinetic Content and will return in January on Lifetime.

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