MAFS: Would Gil Cuero replace Jamie Otis as host of MAFS: Unfiltered? Here’s what he had to say

MAFS star Gil Cuero says he's not opposed to taking over from Jamie Otis as host of MAFS:Unfiltered
Is Gil open to hosting MAFS: Unfiltered. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight star Gil Cuero has become a fan favorite after his heartbreaking split from Myrla Feria, but we have a feeling that Gil is going to be just fine.

Aside from the tons of DMs, the firefighter has received with people trying to shoot their shot, there might be some business opportunities for him as well.

During his time on the show, Gil had a way of asking just the right questions to get his castmates to open up about their relationship. And now, viewers have been throwing his name in the mix as the next host of MAFS: Unfiltered.

Jamie Otis has been hosting the program for the past ten years but recently announced her departure from the show. Viewers were shocked by the news and apparently so was Jamie — who was seemingly blindsided by the network’s decision.

However, could Gil Cuero step up to the plate and take over hosting duties from the MAFS alum?

Would Gil Cuero consider hosting MAFS:Unfiltered?

The Married at First Sight star had his first Instagram Live recently and he got tons of questions from viewers which varied from queries about Gil’s personal life to his thoughts about being the next MAFS: Unfiltered host.

At first, the newly minted reality TV personality wasn’t feeling the idea of replacing Jamie Otis as host of the popular aftershow, but he soon reconsidered the idea.

“Would I host Unfiltered? No, I would not host Unfiltered,” responded Gil initially but after giving it some thought he had a different answer.

“Ahhh I’m lying if they wanted me to host Unfiltered I’d probably do it, I’d give it a shot,” said Gil. “I never thought about hosting anything so.”

Does Gil regret his MAFS experience?

During his live Instagram video, the Married at First Sight star was also asked about his experience on the show and if he regrets doing it.

“No,” said Gil. “At first I did but now that things are better for me I can honestly answer that and say no I do not regret it but I wouldn’t ever do it again.”

He explained, “I don’t regret it because I learned a few things about myself and then you guys — I don’t regret being able to communicate with you guys, that’s amazing.” said Gil to his Instagram followers. “And then you know the people I met not just cast members but the producers, people behind the scenes, amazing.”

As for Gil’s possible hosting gig, people seem to think that would be amazing too so let’s wait and see if it becomes a reality?

Do you think Gil would be a good fit to replace Jamie Otis on MAFS: Unfiltered?

Married at First Sight Season 14 premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Tricia Hammond
Tricia Hammond
2 years ago

I would love it! She’s become of herself and can’t stand her voice!