Amelia and Bennett show off musical talent with a new song, beg Kevin Frazier to recommend a good movie

MAFS Season 11 couple Amelia and Bennett smiling on decision day
Amelia and Bennett have been a fan favorite since day one. Pic credit: Lifetime

One of our favorite Married at First Sight couples is back to show America just how perfect they continue to be for each other.

New Orleans pair Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner are showcasing their musical ability with a new song on Instagram.

They made history twice

Amelia and Bennett made franchise history their first night as they were the first couple ever to have met before walking down the aisle.

Building on the initial chemistry they had, Amelia and Bennett proved to be a great match by the experts. From his tiny house to her being the breadwinner, the new couple agreed on most things.

While the experiment is normally only eight weeks, the unprecedented events of the pandemic forced production to shut down for the first time ever. This allowed the newlyweds to truly figure out if they wanted to make the marriage work.

One of their biggest obstacles was her upcoming move for her medical residency. Although she completed medical school in New Orleans, the next stage in her career would force a move to Richmond, Virginia.

Bennett established roots in NOLA with his self-built home and theater company while his new wife considered herself more of a nomad.

Being the perfect match they are, Bennett agreed to spend his time between both cities. However, since leaving the show – things must be going well with Amelia as he’s revealed a new job in Virginia.

They begged Kevin Fraser for a movie recommendation


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A post shared by Bennett Kirschner (@bennett_here)

With Bennett on lead vocal and Amelia playing acoustics, this pair makes great music together. The chill beat ends with the group calling out MAFS host Kevin Frazier.

On his social media post, he writes, “We’re still waiting for that movie recommendation! I know you’re very busy, but please – as soon as you have some time, send over a good flick! We’re desperate!”

Signed, “Yours Forever, Bennett, Amelia, and Friends,” he ended the message.

This week brings the start of a new season

This week, the experts are back with new matches on the season based in Atlanta.

New Orleans brought more successful marriages than divorces and the experts are hoping to keep that streak going.

Do you think the experts will keep the marriage success rate going?

Married at First Sight returns for Season 12 on Wednesday, January 13 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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