Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman hang out with Larissa Lima in Las Vegas, 90 Day Fiance fans weigh in

Larissa, Tom, and Mariah
Larissa’s hang out with Tom and Mariah was criticized by 90 Day Fiance fans. Pic credit: TLC

Controversial former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima spent time hanging with tendentious fellow castmate Tom Brooks and his girlfriend Mariah in Las Vegas.

Both Larissa and Mariah live in Las Vegas and both women have long been criticized for their use of plastic surgery. However, Mariah denies any assertions that she has had work done while Larissa embraces in her own words, “body engineering.”

Seeing the two women together with Tom, who has developed a bad reputation in the 90 Day community, seemed to have triggered 90 Day Fiance fans because they shredded Larissa and Mariah as well as Tom’s taste in women.

Larissa Lima, Tom Brooks, and Mariah Fineman were criticized by 90 Day Fiance viewers for their hang out

Larissa stepped out at an event in Las Vegas alongside Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman. All three were dressed up and looking their best and took the opportunity to take a lot of photos.

One popular 90 Day fan page, reposted the images on their page and their followers were quick to weigh in.

Scroll through the Instagram post below to see Tom, Mariah and Larissa.

In the comments section, opinionated 90 Day fans shared their thoughts on Larissa and Mariah’s looks and Tom’s proclivity towards women of a certain type.

One of the top comments read, “Tom is the 2nd biggest tool on 90 day.”

Another person assessed, “Omg Larissa so sad she was so pretty but her choices hopefully her body and soul are balanced.”

Someone else made the point, “I still find it hilarious that Tom insists that he likes ‘natural’ looking women but keeps ending up with women who are incredibly plastic. No shade on the ladies, just like dude, quit lying.”

IG post about Larissa, Mariah, and Tom
A 90 Day fan page shared the pictures of Larissa, Tom, and Mariah for followers to judge. Pic credit: TLC

Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman regularly come under fire from 90 Day Fiance viewers for their behavior

Tom and Mariah have large presences on social media and that is often what gets them into trouble.

Mariah likes to share her unpopular opinions on Instagram while Tom was caught talking with other women on Instagram while he was supposed to be in a relationship with Mariah.

The pair deactivated their social media when things get too hot only to reactivate them a short time later. Both of their block games are also really strong.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus.

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