TikToker Sasha Narang issues an apology and tells her side of the story with the help of Reality Steve

Clayton Echard
Sasha Narang has issued an apology regarding Clayton and the alleged cheating scandal. Pic credit: ABC

Friday evening, a famous TikToker named Sasha Narang took to her TikTok and Instagram pages and made a video accusing The Bachelor, Clayton Echard, of hooking up with her.

Supposedly, she had never watched the show or any show in the franchise, so she took the guy’s word for it when he said he was Clayton.

After the video’s release, Clayton came back and made one of his own, identifying where he was on Friday night. His girlfriend, Susie Evans, also made a video detailing that they had FaceTimed, and the time frames just didn’t add up.

While Sasha came back with yet another video that she was not lying and had gotten Reality Steve involved, the alleged cheating scandal kept getting more interesting.

What did Sasha Narang say in her latest video?

However, as of late last night, Sasha has come out with yet another video. But this time, it is her issuing an apology to both Clayton and Susie via TikTok.

After talking with Reality Steve and getting a screenshot from the elevator, she stated that this man was not, in fact, Clayton Echard.

Sasha kept saying how adamant and convincing the guy was and that he truly did look like Clayton. She also admitted that it is unnerving for women, and both Clayton and Susie, a man out there, is trying to impersonate the recent Bachelor.

After saying she was sorry repeatedly in her video, she also relayed the fact that she had sent both Clayton and Susie the elevator screenshot, too, so that they would have some peace of mind.

Once she had gotten the screenshot from the building, she immediately sent it to Reality Steve for confirmation.

What did Reality Steve have to say about what Sasha sent him?

When Reality Steve posted his video on Instagram regarding the whole scandal, he did confirm that the man was indeed not Clayton, even though it was only a photo from the back.

Reality Steve talked about how, knowing the height of Sasha and how tall the man beside her was, the guy was much too short to be Clayton. Moreover, Steve talked about how broad Clayton’s shoulders are and how muscular he is, and this man did not come close to Clayton’s stature either.

While Sasha feels bad about this whole mix-up, she also wanted to make sure that people knew she thought she was doing the right thing because she didn’t want Susie to be wronged by a guy she thought she was with.

Furthermore, she fears other women who might be fooled by this guy. Reality Steve also said in his video that he told Sasha to try to get a front view of this man from the building’s video so that they can figure out who this is who is trying to take over Clayton’s identity.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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1 year ago

TikTok should delete her lying account and ban her forever.

Her name should forever be google result for “clout chasing liar.” She made a false accusation!