The Voice winner Sawyer Fredericks announces he is bisexual

Sawyer Fredericks on The Voice
Sawyer Fredericks on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Sawyer Fredericks, the Season 8 winner on The Voice, has announced to the world that he is bisexual.

Sawyer made the announcement on Instagram, where he wanted to reveal the news to his fans.

Sawyer Fredericks says he is bisexual

Sawyer Fredericks went to his Instagram account and posted the news.

“Hey everyone ? it is time for my #Truthfultuesday ??,” Fredericks wrote in his post. “Since I have not publicly said this in a post, I wanted say that I am Bisexual ?.”

He posted this while wearing a rainbow tie-dyed t-shirt with his long hair down over his shoulders.

He then went on to explain why he was revealing this news right now.

“When I was younger I thought I was straight, because I was more attracted to women, and I didn’t know there were more options besides Gay and Straight. So I just assumed I was Straight ??‍♂️ I am privileged and have never been discriminated against for my sexuality or ashamed of it. I’m truly sorry for any of you who have been, and I hope it gets better ?”

He finished by saying he might lose some fans over this announcement, but that it was fine with him if he did.

Fans overwhelmingly support Sawyer

Fans flocked to his comments and most of them were overwhelmingly in support of the singer, who was only 16 when he won The Voice in 2015.

“You are a truly brave and inspiring man,” one fan wrote.

“We love you for exactly who you are,” another said.

“Always be true to yourself, Sawyer,” a third wrote. “If you lose fans over this, you haven’t lost much.”

Sawyer IG 1
Pic credit: @sawyerfrdrx/Instagram

“So proud of you Sawyer,” another wrote. “I am myself a bissexual and you inspire me so much.”

“So proud of you,” wrote another fan. “Am so happy that you were able to follow your path, discover who you were, and live your life as your authentic self.”

Another wrote, “So wonderful and inspiring that you’re happy in your skin.”

Sawyer IG 2
Pic credit: @sawyerfrdrx/Instagram

Sawyer Fredericks on The Voice

Sawyer Fredericks was 16 when he won The Voice, becoming the youngest male winner in the show’s history.

He was on Pharrell Williams’s team and the coach not only led him to victory, but he ended up setting the iTunes sales record for The Voice, with 10 singles reaching the iTunes top 10, and 14 singles charting in the Top 200 during the final week.

Sawyer has released three solo albums since his appearance on The Voice, with A Good Storm peaking at number two on the U.S. Folk charts and Hide Your Ghost hitting 23rd on the U.S. Indie charts.

The Voice is currently on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return to NBC in late 2022.

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