The Real Housewives of Atlanta season that could have been is playing out right now and we can’t even watch it

Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leaks on Real Housewives of Atlanta
This is the season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that Bravo viewers deserve. Pic credit: Bravo

Let’s be real, The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been a real drag for several seasons now, and it’s not looking like the Bravo series will be turning that around any time soon.

What makes this an even harder pill to swallow is that right now, RHOA could be dominating ratings again if only they would bring back several of the old stars who are dealing with some massively heavy, chaotic, and, let’s be honest, TV-worthy, drama right now.

Cameras are not rolling on these folks, though, and maybe they don’t want them to be. After all, who wants to have a home foreclosed on cable’s top-rated show? Or go through a divorce? Or worry about whether your own child will ever be the same again.

But seriously, Andy Cohen is massively missing the boat on this one, and it’s the viewers who are losing out.

Here is the glorious season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that we are missing out on because these former cast members have not been brought back, and cameras are not rolling.

But imagine if they were — it would be an epic comeback for a cable series that once dominated and now is floundering to keep anyone’s attention.

NeNe Leakes’ son Brentt is rehabbing after a stroke

NeNe Leakes has been through a lot of emotional turmoil over the last few years as she stayed by her late husband Gregg Leakes’ side through his cancer diagnosis and fight. She shared her pain with us when he tragically died, and she has since moved on.

Now, NeNe is supporting her son Brentt, who, at just 23 years old, suffered from a stroke and is now working to regain functions that many of us take for granted. Especially at his young age.

In October, we learned that NeNe’s son Brentt suffered from heart failure and, as a result, a stroke. It wasn’t until multiple news outlets picked up the story that NeNe took to her own Instagram Stories.

The Instagram Stories video is no longer available. Still, Atlanta Black Star reported what was in it, including NeNe’s admission that she has considered selling the Linnethia Lounge because she has so much on her plate as her son recovers. After all, she ran the place with Brentt after she, Brentt, and Gregg worked together to make the Duluth, Georgia, hot spot happen.

Cynthia Bailey is already divorcing Mike Hill

Who had a Cynthia Bailey divorce on their 2022 bingo card? Because I sure didn’t! Cynthia shared her over-the-top wedding celebration during the heyday of COVID-19 despite the huge risk of turning it into a superspreader event because she was in love and had to make it happen right away.

It turns out that if she’s waited just a bit longer, Cynthia’s fancy wedding may not have happened at all because just two years later, almost to the day, she and Mike Hill announced they are divorcing.

The now-deleted joint Instagram post revealing their split said, “While we both will always have love for one another, we have decided to go our separate ways. Many of you have been on this journey with us from the very beginning, and we appreciate our family, friends, and beloved fans for your positive support as we move forward and start new chapters.”

Cynthia has since said on the Two Ts in a Pod podcast that there wasn’t any wrongdoing but that she and Mike just “weren’t friends anymore.”

That was fast!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann hits back at rumors that she’s losing her home

Kim Zolciak-Biermann hit back at her “haters” with a gorgeous home tour after The Sun reported that the former RHOA and Don’t Be Tardy star was about to lose it due to a $300,000 loan taken out against the $2.5 million property that was reportedly not paid back.

According to Kim, the foreclosure reports are not only false, but she plans to stay in her gorgeous Alpharetta, Georgia, home until she is good and ready to sell it and move. She drove home the point by telling her “haters” to get used to seeing the expansive property for a long time coming.

While she clearly won’t be paying for her luxe lifestyle with Bravo checks because they seemingly have zero interest in bringing her back to RHOA, her spinoff, or anything else, she does seem to be doing pretty well in the makeup biz. After all, KAB Cosmetics, the company that she and her daughters run (and that’s named after them — K for Kim, A for Ariana, and B for Brielle), is popping up everywhere.

And while they do get a lot of hate for the brand, may I recommend their lip oil because it’s honestly pretty fabulous.

Porsha Williams getting married to former RHOA cast member’s ex-husband

Porsha Williams doesn’t want us to keep reminding her that she met her soon-to-be husband on RHOA while filming alongside his former wife. She has denied being the reason for Simon Guobadia’s divorce. Still, the timing of the end of his last marriage and the beginning of his current relationship has always raised some eyebrows.

Even Falynn has said that she doesn’t blame Porsha for the breakup of her marriage, which they announced in April 2021. Porsha and Simon revealed that they were in love just one month later.

After that, Porsha opted not to return to RHOA, where she would no doubt have been questioned about her new romance. Instead, she disappointed everyone with that one-and-done spinoff that felt like a bad attempt at damage control that ended up making Porsha look silly, especially after she got into a physical fight with baby daddy Dennis McKinley.

So imagine if Bravo did bring Porsha back and also brought back cast members that would question her timeline and even bring receipts? That would be a reason for some popcorn and maybe even some increased ratings for the show.

Phaedra Parks and Peter Thomas?

Last but definitely not least would be the return of Phaedra Parks, which many RHOA viewers have been dreaming of for a couple of years now.

After all, Phaedra brings drama and all the shade. And before anyone argues that she shouldn’t return because of a story she made up about Kandi and Porsha, may I remind you that Bravo has kept worse people who were accused of doing much worse in real life, not just a lie that brought in a ratings boost.

Now with Phaedra wilding out and even spending some time with Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband (the other one, Peter Thomas), this would be prime RHOA viewing. Especially after Peter said Phaedra was “messy as hell” as he took aim at her back in July, and then in October, she celebrated her 49th birthday at his Bar One and joked about becoming his “second or third wife.”

To be clear, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus, and this is not the season we will be getting when the show returns at some point in 2023. What it is, though, is the one what RHOA fans deserve.

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