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The Proposal: Who is the mystery man Dr. Buck?

The Proposal contestants on ABC
Possible matches on ABC’s The Proposal

The Proposal is back tonight with a new episode and fans are excited to learn about the mystery person in the pod who could be engaged by the end of the night. His name is Dr. Buck but we don’t know anything else, or do we?

Last week, fans watched as actress LisaRaye McCord got engaged to Anthony and learned that they were still very much together. It seems like The Proposal has a higher success rate than The Bachelor. And one can hope that tonight’s main contestant will find that same happiness. But who is it?

The ABC website has revealed that it is a man who will browse through a group of ladies to find love. All that is known about the man is that his name is Dr. Buck. The website has a vague description, but it sounds like he could be a busy doctor.

“Ten eligible women selected by a blue-ribbon panel of matchmakers vie for a chance at love with Dr. Buck, a mystery man hoping to find the one who will make his heart skip a beat.”

Since we don’t have a first name, it’s hard to know who Dr. Buck is. And based on an internet search, a few Dr. Bucks actually come up. But we did find a Dr. Buck Parker, a doctor of medicine.

He appears to be an eligible bachelor, who shares parts of his life on Instagram and Twitter. However, you will find some photos on his profile that are from the operating room, so all the photos aren’t for the sensitive souls.

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Every once in awhile you have to dress up like you are James Bond to prove to yourself…you are actually James f@cking Bond. Although lots of people think I’m a super-cocky a$$hole for posting pics like this I feel like it’s really important to get this message to those of you who in high school, college or even Med school who were just like me….scared as shit, thinking I’ll never be a doctor and it’s so far away It seems impossible. We all have those thoughts, and we are usually wrong. There is a bias our brains have, just like that “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”…our brains think that some things will never become a reality simply because its so far away. But the thing is that those objectives are MUCH closer than they appear. A great way to trick your brain is to bring that objective closer. One way to do this is to visualize that completed goal. If you can not worry about looking stupid for a second and dress up like your future bad ass self then that object will appear closer and your brain will suddenly be more motivated to reach out and get it. #surgeonlife #medschoolmotivation #motivationmonday #doctor #doctorlife #thisaintnodrmikepost

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It doesn’t look like he is dating anyone and he looks like he is a professional, who has worked hard for his career. Perhaps, he has put his career first and neglected his dating life. But his social media account reveals he’s a family man. Based on the comments on his Instagram posts, it sounds like he has an adorable niece.

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Epic day.

A post shared by Buck Parker, MD FACS (@drbuckparker) on

It will be interesting to see who this Dr. Buck is and if this is the guy who will be looking for love on tonight’s episode of The Proposal?

The Proposal airs on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC/ 

Mary Jane

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