The original Bachelorette lead Trista Sutter celebrates 18th wedding anniversary with husband Ryan

Trista and Ryan Sutter on the red carpet
The Bachelorette alum Trista Sutter celebrates her 18th wedding anniversary with Ryan Sutter, making them the longest-lasting Bachelor Nation couple. Pic credit: ©

The OG Bachelorette lead Trista Sutter revealed that she is still going strong with her final rose recipient, Ryan Sutter.

Trista and Ryan have been officially married for 18 years, making them the first and longest-lasting Bachelor Nation couple of all time.

Trista celebrated her 18th wedding anniversary on Instagram.

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She posted a picture of her and Ryan on their wedding day. Trista is dolled up in her corseted, A-line wedding gown as the two presumably make their grand entrance into their reception.

Trista describes ‘magical’ wedding day

Trista left a heartfelt message for her sweetheart in the caption.

“Pure happiness. That’s what I felt 18 years ago,” she wrote of her wedding day. “It was magical, but not just because of the flowers or dresses or diamonds (although they definitely didn’t hurt! ?). It was because my future was in his hands. Hands that I trusted and adored. Hands that I knew would be there for the bad days and the best days.”

She concluded, “And after 18 years of holding his hand, I still know that with him is where they are meant to be. I love you, @ryansutter. Happy 18th anniversary.”

Her husband of 18 years, Ryan Sutter, took to the comments section to dote on his wife.

He wrote, “There’s no other hand I’d rather hold…”

Another special guest appeared in the comments section. Chris Harrison, the former host of The Bachelor franchise, who saw their relationship come to life, gushed about being there for their special day.

“What a day & moment that was,” he wrote. “I’ll never forget this wedding. Probably my favorite moment other than getting dunked in by Ryan in the hoops game…sitting around the fire the night before with family and friends telling stories about you guys. Love you both very much. All my best.”

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Pic credit: @tristasutter/Instagram

Not only did Trista find love on TV but she also got married on TV. The Bachelorette star had a three-part televised special for her wedding.

She recently admitted that her experience filming the wedding was similar to The Bachelorette. As they do on the show, the producers attempted to create storylines among her bridal party in order to add drama to the special.

She found a producer’s binder that listed potential storylines and labeled her bridesmaids as categories like “the villain” or “the sweetheart.”

Regardless, it didn’t seem to have much of an effect based on how Trista described her dream wedding.

Congratulations, Trista and Ryan!

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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