The internet is furious Miss Monster was eliminated on The Masked Singer rather than White Tiger

Nick Cannon with Miss Monster on The Masked Singer
Nick Cannon leads the crowd as they tell Miss Monster to “take it off!” Pic credit: FOX

The Masked Singer unmasked another celebrity last night, and according to social media, they chose the wrong one.

After learning that Miss Monster was indeed Chaka Khan, many are angrily asking why she and her iconic voice have been sent packing, but the White Tiger is still there to move on.

After all, Miss Monster, aka Chaka Khan, has a five-decade career and one of the biggest voices in music. And White Tiger, whom most are convinced is retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, just can’t sing.

That was pretty obvious on the latest episode of The Masked Singer when White Tiger sang Rock & Roll All Nite. Well, he kind of sang it anyway.

On the other hand, Miss Monster sang a sultry version of You Don’t Own Me by Leslie Gore.

So either The Masked Singer is fixed, and they already know who is going home, or the voters just don’t care about talent.

Twitter upset after Miss Monster unmasked

Either way, the internet is angry, and they can’t believe White Tiger will be moving on in the competition, while a 10-time Grammy winner was sent home as the third elimination in a singing competition.

How can the voting audience pick White Tiger, who can’t sing at all over Miss Monster, who proved that, even when she was just having fun, her vocals are far superior?

Chaka Khan would have picked a different costume

After it was revealed that Chaka Khan was under that Miss Monster costume, it turned out that there was no connection to the Monster costume like T-Pain, who also wore it.

She also revealed that she wouldn’t pick that costume again.

“I’d have changed the costume,” Chaka Khan told The Wrap. “Once I got into that, it was really heavy and really hot and really not comfortable.”

However, Khan admitted she enjoyed her time on The Masked Singer and thought that the concept was great.

She even said that, for the last performance, she didn’t disguise her voice anymore, which likely led to Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke easily guessing it was her under that hot and heavy Miss Monster costume.

“Actually, in the end, I did not disguise my voice, I just sang the songs because I said it would be too much work for me to do that,” Chaka Khan explained. “And I wanted to do it just clear and pure. I decided that in the end and that’s what I did.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX. 

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