The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner doesn’t know what ‘trending’ means, embraces being a ‘grand zaddy’

Gerry Turner at The Bachelorette Women Tell All
Gerry Turner isn’t social media savvy but he quickly embraced one new nickname. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor premieres soon, and it’s looking like a lot of fun with Gerry Turner as the first star.

Gerry is not a reality TV star (yet), but he’s getting a taste of the limelight as we close in on premiere night on ABC.

He was there for The Bachelorette Men Tell All to promote the new show, and while there, host Jesse Palmer sat him down to chat and to let Bachelor Nation get to know him a little bit better.

As it turns out, Gerry is already working up quite a fanbase, as many Bachelor Nation fans are really looking forward to a more mature version of the show.

He’s also clearly got some younger fans, too, considering a few of the nicknames he’s picked up already.

Not to mention some of the other things his pre-show fans are saying online.

Jesse Palmer informs Gerry Turner that he is a ‘grandzaddy’

On Charity Lawson’s The Bachelorette Men Tell All, Jesse Palmer sat down with Gerry Turner and informed him that he was trending.

To that, Gerry replied, “If I knew what that meant, I’m sure I would appreciate it a whole lot more.”

“It’s a really good thing, Gerry! It means people like you and they’re talking about you a lot,” Jesse told Gerry before telling him exactly what is being said.

It started out “wholesome,” something Gerry said he liked. But the tables quickly turned when Jesse read a comment that said, “Gerry can get it!”

Of course, Gerry needed to know exactly what they were trying to get.

Then came the best part: Jesse read a message from the screen that said, “GRANDZADDYYYYYY.”

The audience went wild, and a woman stood up, holding up a big sign with glitter letters that said “GRAND ZADDY” right on it.

Gerry saw it and said, “Is it good? It’s good!” while shaking his head and smiling.

It looks like he’s in for a ride as he learns to navigate this new fame and his lack of social media skills.

What we know about Gerry Turner ahead of The Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner will be the first grandpa in Bachelor Nation as he gets ready to take on the role of the first Golden Bachelor when the new show premieres next month.

He’s a 71-year-old widower who signed on to the show so he can find his person, or at least his next person, because he was previously married for 43 years before his wife passed away following an illness in 2017.

Gerry is a retired restauranteur from Indiana, and he already lives in his dream house on a lake, so hopefully, whoever he chooses from the pool of available women will be happy to move to Indiana if they don’t live there already.

He has two daughters, Angie and Jenny, who encouraged him to come on the show and find love. He also has two granddaughters, Charlee and Payton. We’ll likely meet the family once the show gets rolling, as he’s very much a family man.

Right now, there is no official premiere date for The Golden Bachelor, but we do know that it will begin airing this fall on Monday nights on ABC.

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