The Family Chantel: Watch Winter Everett do a headstand

Winter Everett
Winter Everett showed off how she does a headstand. Pic credit: TLC

Winter Everett, the little sister of 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett, recently shared an athletic side of herself.

It turns out, Winter can do a headstand, although she did use an aid to accomplish the feat.

Winter wore what looked like pajama bottoms paired with a black crop top and trainers for the video she has since deleted on her TikTok but reshared on Instagram.

The video began with Winter having her head placed in the headstand-helper contraption and her shoulders pressed down against it’s foam as she attempted to swing her legs up vertically.

After a few tries, the video cut to Winter being able to kick her legs all the way up and come into a headstead with her legs straight.

Another cut showed Winter still upside down but moving her legs into a Z shape. The video was taken in an outdoor woodsy setting.

This is the first headstand Winter has shown herself being able to do, but she does often post workout videos.

Winter Everett has been there for her sister Chantel Everett

The Everett family has always been close and 90 Day Fiance viewers have watched their family dynamic on the flagship show, several seasons of Happily Ever After?, and on their own spinoff, The Family Chantel.

During Season 4 of The Family Chantel, viewers watched Chantel’s marriage to Pedro Jimeno crumble and end in a divorce filing.

Chantel’s family has been there to support her, and Winter has taken part in many fun activities with Chantel to have her back.

On the show, Winter also defended her sister when Pedro accused Chantel of taking over $100k from their joint bank account.

Winter also moved into Chantel and Pedro’s house to be with her sister after Pedro moved out.

Winter Everett has been body positive

During Season 4 of The Family Chantel, Winter had bariatric surgery in Mexico and ended up losing over 100 pounds. Even before that, however, Winter promoted body positivity.

Winter has liked to be a fashionista and express her confidence through the outfits she chooses. She tends to share both dance and workout videos while showing off her other fashion choices in between.

Throughout Winter’s Instagram page are pictures and videos of her in small outfits while promoting the idea of being her authentic self.

Winter has 263k followers on Instagram and often refers to them as her “Butterfly babes.”

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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