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The Family Chantel spoilers: Chantel Everett questions if Pedro Jimeno ever loved her

Things get petty in The Family Chantel sneak peek as Pedro Jimeno shuts off Chantel Everett's phone.
Chantel Everett doubts Pedro Jimeno ever loved her. Pic credit: @chantel_j_.Instagram

The marital drama between Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno has been escalating, and things will take another turn in the upcoming episode of the Family Chantel. In a sneak peek of what’s to come, things get petty when Pedro decides to shut down his wife’s phone plan.

Chantel gets surprised when she returns from a trip to Panama with her friends and realized her phone doesn’t work.

The 31-year-old noted in her confessional that her estranged husband is trying to sever all ties with her amid their divorce and canceling her phone plan was just another step.

The pair’s messy breakup has been playing out on the show all season, and after a trial separation, Pedro decided he wanted to end the marriage. After relaying the news to Chantel, he promptly moved out and refused to even tell her where he was going.

Amid their messy split, the Dominican Republic native accused his wife of cleaning out their joint bank account. So it seems his decision to shut off her phone was payback for that.

However, as things continue to escalate between the two, Chantel is doubtful that her estranged husband ever loved her at all.

Pedro Jimeno shuts off Chantel Everett’s phone amid split

Us Weekly shared a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of The Family Chantel as things continue to get worse between the estranged couple.

Unfortunately for Chantel, she realized upon her return home from vacation that she was unable to send texts or make calls.

“I can’t make any calls. The only thing that I could do was make a call to the phone carrier,” she noted during the confessional.

At first, Chantel didn’t understand why she couldn’t use her phone, but during a chat with the phone company, they revealed that Pedro was the one who removed her from their joint phone plan.

“The fact that he just turned off my phone pretty much solidifies that he wants nothing to do with me,” reasoned Chantel.

Chantel Everett is doubtful that Pedro Jimeno ever loved her

As their messy split continues to play out, the Family Chantel star is now questioning everything about her marriage to Pedro.

During the early years of their relationship, many people, including her parents, felt that the 30-year-old was only using Chantel for a green card and now she’s wondering the same thing.

Chantel opened up to her friend Destinee who joined her on the Panama trip and questioned Pedro’s intentions.

“I’m having a hard time believing that he ever loved me anymore,” said Chantel to her friend.

“It’s such bulls**t,” she added. “He doesn’t want to communicate like adults in preparation or in completion of this divorce process.”

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.