The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno’s red flag post could signal that her relationship with Alejandro Padron is over

Nicole and Alejandro
Nicole Jimeno’s cryptic social media posting may signal that she and Alejandro are broken up. Pic credit: TLC

Nicole Jimeno has had a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend Alejandro Padron that played out on Seasons 2 and 3 of The Family Chantel. However, it looks like Nicole may have moved on from Alejandro and the drama because she reshared a cryptic message on Instagram.

Nicole first got with Alejandro when he was still married and she stuck by him through his divorce which came during Season 3. There were still issues that occurred when Nicole found out that he had messaged a woman in his DMs back with a perceived flirtatious tone.

The pair also had problems when Alejandro disliked Nicole’s desire and follow-through with getting larger breasts but decided to continue in their relationship anyway.

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Nicole’s mom Lidia fiercely hated Alejandro because she didn’t like his job, that he was married, or anything else about him.

It appears that all the red flags in their relationship may have finally gotten to Nicole.

Nicole Jimeno might have broken up with Alejandro Padron

Nicole reshared a post on her Instagram stories that hinted at trouble in her relationship with Alejandro. When The Family Chantel viewers last saw them on the show they were separated by distance but still in love.

The image that Nicole reposted was of a cartoon duck packing away a heart into another box of hearts.

The caption introduced the photo by saying, “Me packing up my love back because nobody deserves it:”

Nicole Jimeno's IG story post
Nicole posted a dramatic image about soured love. Pic credit: @nicole.jimeno/Instagram

Nicole Jimeno posted a recent photo which got mixed reviews

Nicole posted a glamourous image of herself that appears to have been taken professionally and her look got mixed reviews from The Family Chantel viewers.

Those who didn’t agree with her volatile actions on the show thought that she was ugly on the inside which made her unattractive on the outside. Conversely, Nicole’s supporters thought she looked fabulous and commended her for being such a strong woman.

Season 3 of The Family Chantel ended badly for Nicole’s relationship with Pedro and Chantel. Nicole also declined to meet her and Pedro’s half brothers during Pedro’s search for answers about their father who abandoned them.

It has come out, however, that Nicole and Pedro had met their half brothers before and all of them were partying together with Chantel back in 2014 which meant that the storyline for Season 3 was manufactured.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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