Here’s proof Pedro Jimeno met his half-brothers prior to emotional ‘meeting’ on The Family Chantel

Pedro Jimeno
There may be proof that Pedro had already met his half-brothers, which could mean his The Family Chantel storyline was manufactured. Pic credit: TLC

Pedro Jimeno and TLC are in hot water with the Family Chantel fans as a picture has surfaced showing Pedro smiling in a group picture with his half brothers from 2014 which is in total contradiction to his storyline this season.

Pedro’s search for information to track down his absent father was highlighted throughout the entirety of this season. It involved Pedro speaking to a cousin on his father’s side in New York, followed by a scene where he was supposedly meeting his father’s other two sons, Pedro Jr. and Jonathan, for the first time.

The throwback photo that has come to light is apparently from the Instagram of the wife of one of Pedro’s half brothers.

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Old photo of Pedro with his half brother’s means his The Family Chantel storyline may have been manufactured

Pedro’s entire storyline this season has been based on him not knowing his two half brothers and his search to hold his father accountable for abandoning him, his mother, and his sister Nicole.

The credibility of Pedro and the show is in jeopardy by the looks of the photo that has been dug up since this season’s premise is now under fire.

The photo, which has been circulating around social media and landing on different fan pages, shows a much younger Pedro with who appears the be Chantel and Nicole alongside his two half brothers in 2014.

The caption for the photo read, “Jr2 Bday.”

The fan page who authored the post captioned, “I swear. Some people are miserable. Yes this is real. Yes Chantel & Pedro are together for at least 8 years. Yes this is from 2014. No this is not fake. I didn’t want to out his brother’s wife on blast but here you go. ( you want to believe that i am the Villain when TLC is doing fraud).”

The Family Chantel fan shared their outrage over the leaked photo of Pedro Jimeno with his half brothers

The Family Chantel viewers who saw the picture of Pedro with his brothers from back in the day were outraged that this picture could mean that the drama on The Family Chantel was manufactured.

In the comments of the post ousting Pedro’s possible previous connection to his brothers, critics expressed their disdain.

One person petitioned, “So everything was fake ? Pretty disappointing TLC.”

Another person remarked, “I was telling my girlfriend that everything just seemed scripted while we were watching this episode.”

Someone else exclaimed, “Wow this is disappointing!”

IG comments about the Pedro and The Family Chantel
Pic credit: @truecrime_jankie/Instagram

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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Tammy Norton Tucker
Tammy Norton Tucker
1 year ago

This is a tv show for entertainment. The audience was captivated by the reunion, which may have happened years ago, but we didnt get to see it. So it honestly doesn’t bother me that it was recreated for our viewing pleasure. While im here i do want to point out after seeing Before the 90 days recently I am proud of Pedro for not throwing it in Chantels face her dancing with other men when the video of him dancing with Coriama was brought up.

1 year ago

Chantel and nicole animosity is also fake judging by the picture