The Family Chantel: Will Pedro Jimeno continue to be tormented by family drama?

Pedro Jimeno
Is there an end in sight to all the torment Pedro Jimeno has felt as he tries to find answers about his father? Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel viewers have been painstakingly watching Pedro Jimeno as he hopes to find some relief from the torment he’s been feeling about finding answers regarding his absent father and his mom’s role in making him grow up without a dad.

Pedro found out from a cousin on his dad’s side that everyone in Pedro’s dad’s other family had a wonderful upbringing, and he was present a lot.

Pedro learned from his mom and grandmother that they both were with men who had other families, and they knew it. He also found out that his mom decided to have a second child with Pedro’s father even after finding out he was married.

During the latest episode, Pedro met with his half brothers, and they said their dad was a great father figure, always present, and that he would just be gone for a few days at a time here and there. They ended up being very supportive of Pedro and his search for answers and gave him their dad’s number, although he didn’t answer when Pedro called privately.

Will The Family Chantel viewers watch Pedro Jimeno find the answers he is looking for?

It seems like the more prying and digging that Pedro does, the more answers he gets, whether they are what he wants to hear or not.

Pedro is going through it, whether he finds out something that makes him hopeful or gets a reality check from Chantel. However, it does seem like the more perseverance for the truth that Pedro strives for, the more success in answers he is finding.

Pedro may finally connect with his father now that he has a lot of the pieces he has been looking for all his life. He could get the chance to hold his father accountable if his dad answers the phone or responds to him.

Pedro also has to do all this without the support or comfort of his mother and sister.

Pedro with his mom and sister
Pedro has been getting no comfort or support from his mom and sister. Pic credit: TLC

Drama will unfold between Chantel Everett, Karen Everett, and Nicole Jimeno on The Family Chantel

Separate from Pedro’s search, Chantel and her mom Karen still have issues with Pedro’s sister Nicole.

Nicole is out for blood against Chantel and her family because she feels disrespected by them. In the trailer for this season, viewers saw that things will go down between Nicole, Chantel, and her mom that will cause more pain for Pedro as he has to break up a fight.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays on Discovery+.

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Carolyn S Kane
Carolyn S Kane
2 years ago

What about him and Cormina.