Pedro’s mom Lidia explained why Pedro’s dad left, takes no responsibility

Pedro and Lidia
Pedro’s mom Lidia took no responsibility for her hand in Pedro’s father’s abandonment. Pic credit: TLC

Pedro’s mom, Lidia, explained on The Family Chantel why Pedro’s dad abandoned her, Pedro, and Nicole but took no responsibility for her part in the messed up situation that has left Pedro and Nicole emotionally damaged.

Lidia finally told Pedro that she found out his dad had another family when Pedro was born but decided to have another child anyway because she thought having two kids with a married man was better than two kids by two different men.

Furthermore, Lidia explained that once Pedro’s dad went back to his wife, he wanted to continue his relationship with Lidia, but she refused, and he left, never coming back.

Lidia puts all the blame on Pedro’s dad.

Lidia Jimeno took no responsibility for her part in Pedro Jimeno’s father’s abandonment

Lidia put Pedro and his sister in an awkward spot by engaging in a relationship with a married man who eventually left her to return to his other family, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Lidia blames Pedro’s father for everything and thinks that Pedro is foolish for looking for answers about his dad.

She went into detail about not being willing to help Pedro with his quest and thinks that Pedro doesn’t understand women and therefore doesn’t understand why things happened the way they did.

Lidia Jimeno
Lidia deflected on the notion of helping Pedro get answers out of his dad. Pic credit: TLC

Pedro Jimeno will try and meet with his dad’s other sons

In Pedro’s quest for information or, ideally, an explanation on why his father abandoned him, he will try and sit down with his dad’s other sons. He hopes to hear their perspective on things and learn more about their shared father.

Pedro was deeply disturbed that his half-brother has the exact same name as him and that he was told by his cousin on his dad’s side that they all had an amazing childhood with Pedro’s father. That was not the case for him and Nicole.

Pedro hopes to eventually get in front of his father to get a firsthand explanation as to why he left them in such a bad way. He wants to get closure regarding his trauma and hold his father accountable for the deeply personal problems it caused him and his sister all throughout their lives.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays on Discovery+.

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2 years ago

I am shocked at the cruel behavior of Pedro’s family as he struggles to deal with the pain he faces as he tries to understand the behavior of his parents and his childhood. They laughed, jeered, and criticized him for his feelings. It appears that the women in the family feel that having affairs with ( wealthy) married men is simply part of life in the DR and no problem. Very very sad….