The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett’s BFF Obed Corporan speaks on her split from Pedro Jimeno

Mutual friend of Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno doesn't understand reason for The Family Chantel stars divorce.
Chantel Everett’s friend speaks about her divorce. Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

Chantel Everett’s BFF Obed Corporan is still trying to wrap his mind around her split from Pedro Jimeno.

Obed noted that he admired the deep love the couple once had for each other and how hard they fought for their relationship despite the obstacles–one being Chantel’s family and another being Pedro’s. 

The two families have not gotten along since the moment they met and not much has changed six years later. 

Chantel’s close-knit family did not trust Pedro’s motives and was convinced he only married Chantel for the green card. They felt the Dominican Republic native wanted a job in America so he could send money to his mother and sister back home. 

Meanwhile, there was no love lost between Pedro’s family and Chantel either. His sister Nicole despises the 31-year-old and even tried to fight her last season. Pedro’s mom, Lidia was never a fan of her daughter-in-law either. 

Despite their rocky relationship, Chantel swallowed her pride this season and flew to the Dominican Republic to get advice from her mother-in-law on how to salvage her marriage.

Unfortunately, Lidia’s advice wasn’t enough to keep the couple together, as Pedro filed for divorce back in May. Meanwhile, Obed – a friend of Pedro and Chantel – opened up about their split. 

Chantel Everett’s friend speaks on her split from Pedro Jimeno

We met Obed Corporan during the first season of The Family Chantel, and he was not only a friend of Chantel but also an acquaintance of Pedro’s.

He recently spoke with In Touch about the couple’s divorce and noted, “If there’s something I always admired [it] was how strong they were and how hard they fought to protect their relationship. I used to think their family would be their downfall, but apparently, it was not.”

As for why they split, Obed admitted that it’s “hard to tell what exactly happened.”

He continued, “I do think they loved each other deeply, even under the circumstances they met and how everything went down.”

Much like viewers, Obed doesn’t quite understand Pedro’s reason for wanting to divorce Chantel, citing throughout the season that she wasn’t supportive.

“In my opinion, that’s not a strong reason to leave someone you love, especially after all they have been through,” said Obed.

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett is thankful for the support

The Family Chantel star has been getting support from viewers who’ve been watching Pedro’s treatment of her this season.

She has also been leaning on her friends and family, including her younger sister Winter Everett, to get through the hard times.

Chantel posted a message on her Instagram Story and thanked the well-wishers for their love and kind words.

Chantel Everett is grateful to everyone for their support.
Pic credit: @chantel_j_/Instagram

“I feel very grateful for the supportive women in my life and the ones who have been sending me messages of encouragement,” she wrote. “Thank you sisters ❤️.”

The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC at 8/7c.  

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Carolyn S Kane
Carolyn S Kane
1 year ago

Make sure you get your maiden name back. He used you and he should go back to the D.R. . Maybe a judge will see through him for what he is.. Hang in there it will get better. You have your family even though he tried to turn you against him and used you to do it. Truth always wins out.

1 year ago

Travel nursing would be excellent. You never know the plans God has for you. Go global! You are still young. God is with you and you will get through this. Everything happens for a reason. With much love, we are praying for you.

1 year ago
Reply to  Faith

I believe most of these foreigners want to marry an American for a green card and a better life. And boom once they get it they end up in divorce. Chantel just be careful and watch for red flags. Do travel nursing and enjoy your life. Just always remember Karma is a b***h and Pedro better be ready for her when his time comes. Hold your head high Queen ?