The Curse of Oak Island recap: New expert data suggests they may have already located the Money Pit

The Lagina brothers
The Lagina brothers head to the Money Pit site to commence drilling. Pic credit: History

After a couple of weeks of disappointment, it looks like the team on The Curse of Oak Island has made some real progress towards unearthing the fabled Money Pit.

The guys have been excitedly drilling for the Money Pit in the last few weeks, but so far with little success, however, this could be about to change very shortly.

This week’s episode opened with the team in the War Room meeting expert Geophysicist Jeremy Church who has more data from the seismic scanning done earlier in the year.

And he had some jaw-dropping information.

Church said that in “the core of the Money Pit” area there is a tear-shaped anomaly at 160 feet down, and its diameter is 13ft by 13ft, which happens to be the exact diameter of the treasure vault according to the original searcher, Dan McGinnis, who located the vault in 1795.

Oak Island team might have clipped the treasure vault

Two years ago, the team dug a shaft they named H-8, which had hit an unknown structure at a similar depth. According to the new data, it appears that H-8 clipped the side of this anomaly.

The guys now think that two years ago, they may have hit the edge of the vault but pushed it away.

Cartoon of H-8 borehole
The team may have clipped the edge of the treasure vault with their exploratory shaft. Pic credit: History

“Just missed it,” said Marty Lagina as the guys all laughed. Luckily they still had the giant oscillating drill on the island, so it was just a case of repositioning it over the anomaly, and the digging could commence almost immediately.

It did seem like they’re on the right track as from approximately 100 feet onwards, the hammer grab began to pull up increasing amounts of wood. This was no ordinary wood; it consisted of large hand-cut timbers.

Many of the timbers contained wooden dowels, often used in the past in place of nails, particularly in shipbuilding. This is a sign of serious construction work happening down there.

The guys were also excited to find Roman numerals carved on one of the timbers.

Gary Drayton’s find of the week

They weren’t only finding wood; running his metal detector over the debris pulled up by the hammer grab, Gary found what looked like a fairly intact looking pick-ax.

This is old, really old.

He suggested, “we’re in the 1700s here.” If he’s correct, that means its a tool left over from the original constructors of the Money Pit.

An old pick-ax
Gary Drayton found a very old looking pick-ax. Pic credit: History

It was found directly above the Money Pit shaped anomaly! Are they connected? Either way, as Marty said, he doesn’t need to take it to expert blacksmith Carmen Legge to know that it’s a “really old tool.”

As Marty said towards the end of the episode, “everything coming up here is interlaced with very old stuff.”

It really does look very promising indeed. Hopefully, they’ll break into that anomaly in the next episode so we can see some treasure.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on History.

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James tarter
James tarter
2 years ago

Ii sure hope that y’all found the beginning of the money pit, you know it looks like you have your hands full, don’t give up y’all are so close, your just about there.

John Terranova
John Terranova
2 years ago

If they were the Templars, and they left a treasure, where did they go after. Back across the sea where they came from/? How many people were needed to do that much work in that pit. They didn’t have the equipment you have. All by hand. If they jammed up the harbor with that ship, how did they leave? What about al the rest of the places the temp. were seen in North America and way before Columbus. 11th or 12th century.