The Challenge’s Laurel Stucky blasts ex Nicole Zanatta for cheating again after ‘healthy relationship’ remark

laurel stucky face shot during the challenge season 39 elimination appearance
Laurel Stucky during The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion. Pic credit: MTV

Reasons for another falling out between The Challenge’s Nicole Zanatta and Laurel Stucky after they dated and split again may have finally been revealed.

The MTV castmates dated years ago and also appeared on a season of MTV’s Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love, which featured part of their rocky relationship.

Based on spoilers (below), the two reconciled while filming another project together. However, several issues, including alleged cheating, may have caused the two to split again.

Taking to her Instagram this week, Nicole shared a slideshow with her new girlfriend set to a song by Morgan Wallen.

It features a quick video clip of them together and multiple photos of them smiling with one another.

“This is what a healthy relationship looks like,” Nicole wrote in an edited caption for the post, seemingly throwing shade at her ex.

Two weeks before the post above, Nicole shared a photo featuring her with her new girlfriend, all smiles.

“Heard you’re in love, good f***** try,” her caption said.

A commenter asked, “Where’s Laurel?” and Nicole replied, “no idea, nor do I care.”

screenshot from instagram post where nicole zanatta comments about her ex laurel stucky
A fan query. Pic credit: @n_zanattamtv/Instagram

Laurel blasts ex for ‘cheating,’ and Nicole fires back

Nicole’s recent post about her “healthy relationship” received many comments, including one from her ex Laurel.

“Hope youre not secretly cheating on her too,” Laurel said, which prompted Nicole to blast her with additional remarks.

In those comments, Nicole said she and her new girlfriend were “doing great.” She then seemingly accused Laurel of “stealing” and being “unhinged” when they were together.

“Thank you, she doesn’t have a tendency to get UNHINGED, or a THIEF ( a person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence) than proceeds to play phone tag and I was never the type to kiss and tell but you like comparing notes with an ex fiancé and how old are you,” Nicole wrote.

instagram screenshot of nicole and laurel from the challenge firing away at each other over their former relationship
Laurel and Nicole go at it. Pic credit: @n_zanattamtv/Instagram

The Challenge spoilers: Exes got back together

Laurel and Nicole were featured as dating or split up in previous seasons of MTV’s The Challenge.

Nicole first appeared on MTV’s Real World: Skeletons, and then debuted on Invasion of the Champions in 2017, also featuring Laurel.

Nicole returned on 2018’s Vendettas, and Laurel was among the second set of surprise mercenary players who arrived for eliminations. They shared a brief scene after Laurel’s appearance.

They seemingly ended their relationship years ago, with Nicole briefly discussing why they had issues during The Challenge: After-The Show for the Vendettas season.

The couple reunited on 2019’s Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love, the show’s fourth season, but didn’t get back together as Nicole chose another love interest at the time.

However, the fourth season of The Challenge: All Stars was filmed last year, with Laurel and Nicole reunited again as castmates.

Based on the online spoilers, the two exes hooked up and possibly got back together. They were rumored to be dating after the season’s filming, which is believed to have wrapped in late February.

However, they split up again, and it wasn’t clear what caused their issues. Based on their recent IG posts and comments, it may be more clear now.

Nicole replied to several other comments on her recent IG post. In one, an individual reminded her that she said during MTV’s Ex on the Peak that she cheats on all her girlfriends.

“you’re right, I’m not saying I’m perfect but I definitely do NOT pretend to be someone I am not,” she replied.

screenshot shows nicole zanatta reply to instagram comment about her ex on peak cheating comments
Nicole addresses a commenter. Pic credit: @n_zanattamtv/Instagram

In another reply to a commenter, Nicole seemed to shut the door on a relationship with Laurel for good.

“That shipped sunk and it’s not coming back to the surface,” she wrote.

screenshot of reply from instagram where nicole zanatta comments about relationship issues
Nicole addresses relationship. Pic credit: @n_zanattamtv/Instagram

Monsters and Critics shared news about Nicole’s engagement in 2022 to another woman she’d been dating, but that engagement ended before her All Stars 4 appearance.

Laurel appeared in recent seasons of The Challenge

Viewers saw Laurel return for The Challenge: Ride or Dies (Season 38). During several episodes, she was featured in a showmance with Horacio Gutierrez. That ended when he revealed he had something with someone else away from the show.

Laurel then briefly appeared as one of the ten returning Challenge champions on MTV’s — currently airing — Battle For a New Champion season.

She recently attended the Season 39 reunion, which was filmed in Amsterdam. While there, she hung out with several castmates and shared some spicy content with Melissa Reeves, whom Nicole had previously shown interest in.

screenshot from melissa reeves ig story clip with laurel stucky while in amsterdam for the challenge 39 reunion
Laurel Stucky with Melissa Reeves in Amsterdam for The Challenge 39 reunion. Pic credit: @djmelreeves/Instagram

Although an official release date for The Challenge: All Stars 4 has yet to be announced, once episodes arrive, they’ll likely spotlight Laurel and Nicole’s reconciliation before another rough breakup.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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