The Challenge’s Melissa Reeves blasts Ravyn Rochelle over Kyland Young scene in Season 39

melissa reeves and ravyn rochelle face shots from the challenge season 39 on mtv
Melissa Reeves and Ravyn Rochelle continued their feud from The Challenge Season 39 online. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion season and reunion have already been filmed, but that doesn’t mean the drama has ended among castmates.

A recently aired episode of MTV’s Season 39 was brought to Melissa Reeves’ attention, causing a back-and-forth between her and Ravyn Rochelle.

In Episode 14, viewers saw Kyland Young finally gain safety from being put into another elimination as he was on the winning four-person team in the daily challenge.

Later, when the cast celebrated at the club, Ravyn was shown briefly grinding against Kyland as he was sitting on some furniture. Earlier in the season, Kyland had a featured showmance story with Melissa.

That scene from Episode 14 was captured in a screenshot shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“My mamma always taught me to give my USED toys to the less fortunate,” Melissa wrote in a retweet of the image with a kiss emoji.

Melissa called out Ravyn’s Season 39 efforts at showmance

Following Melissa’s remark about the Season 39 scene, Ravyn fired back at her with the tweet: “I sent you home & rubbed on ya man.. who’s really the less fortunate.”

However, Melissa wasn’t done as she suggested that Ravyn was doing her best to find a showmance with any man she could in the cast. She mentioned Emanuel Neagu and Ciarran Stott as a few of the guys that Ravyn showed interest in.

“Here’s your medal [emoji] you’ll [get] your showmance one day don’t worry,” Melissa tweeted.

screenshot of the challenge 3o stars melissa reeves and ravyn rochelle tweets at each other
Melissa and Ravyn on social media. Pic credit: @DJMelReeves/Twitter

During Season 39, Ravyn and Melissa had a few heated moments, and a feud was born. In one incident, Melissa confronted Ravyn at the club about her being put into elimination and splashed a drink in her face.

Viewers saw Melissa and Kyland in a showmance throughout her time on the show, and the two had an embrace once Melissa was eliminated at The Arena by Tori Deal. They’ve also been shown at the Season 39 reunion but don’t appear to be pursuing a relationship off the show.

Ravyn claims Melissa tried with a Season 39 castmate and also had someone back home

Things didn’t end there, as Ravyn fired back some more shots on Twitter, including one in which she suggested that Melissa was also attempting to get with Emanuel.

“Bbygirl you tried with Emanuel too WHILE you were with KY. There are receipts to confirm. Now, worry about yaself,” Ravyn tweeted.

ravyn rochelle tweets at melissa reeves about season 39 castmate attempt
Ravyn and Melissa going at it. Pic credit: @ravyn_rochelle/Twitter

Ravyn followed that up by retweeting a fan asking if Melissa had a man back home, away from the show, while she was with Kyland.


screenshot of ravyn rochelle tweeting about melissa reeves situation back home during season 39
Ravyn shares some shade. Pic credit: @ravyn_rochelle/Twitter

To set the record straight, Melissa retweeted a video clip from an interview in which she addressed who she left her daughter with while she was away filming The Challenge Season 39.

During her chat with The Right Reality, Melissa stated that her daughter, Vienna, was with her parents while filming the show.

“We broke up before the show,” she said regarding the man back home that some suggested Melissa was still connected to while filming.

“He was in my daughter’s life, so he’s seen her twice whilst I was away…He did not have her. We was not together,” she shared.

With Battle For a New Champion, the battles continue to be fought beyond the MTV show’s playing field on the savage grounds of social media. Many fans are likely ready to see Melissa and Ravyn battle it out in elimination in a future season or paired up as rival teammates.

The Challenge: Battle For New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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