The Challenge’s Kyland Young warns Season 39 castmate’s critics with ‘zero tolerance’ policy

kyland young face shot from the challenge season 39 episode 13
Kyland Young clapped back at online critics regarding several of his castmates on The Challenge. Pic credit: MTV

Kyland Young called out the critics regarding “slander” toward several castmates on The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion.

The former Big Brother contestant has emerged as a worthy new contender to win MTV’s competition series, with multiple elimination wins during the season.

During episodes of the show, he recorded consecutive wins over former show winners Darrell Taylor and Brad Fiorenza to preserve $20,000 of the cast’s prize purse and keep his spot in the game.

He’s also shown himself as a loyal friend and ally to others in the game, particularly bonding with castmates Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez.

Some fans and critics of the show have been known to blast recent cast members of The Challenge, with Season 39 receiving a lot of backlash online.

However, Kyland’s recently gone on record saying he has “zero tolerance” regarding remarks he’s seen about his friends from the cast.

Kyland says he has ‘zero tolerance’ for critics bashing castmates

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, recently, Kyland posted several messages regarding The Challenge Season 39, as fans may have been firing off negative remarks about his castmate Nurys.

For one tweet, Kyland posted a two-second clip from his recent elimination against Brad, with Nurys cheering from the upper level, “Yeah, that’s my friend!”

“PSA: I have zero tolerance for Nurys slander! If you do it, even while praising me, expect me to unfollow you,” he wrote in his message.

In reply to his original tweet, Kyland also said his zero tolerance for slander policy applies to Horacio, his castmates from Big Brother 23, and the winners or runner-ups from Big Brother 24 and 25.

Kyland indicated he could announce another addition to his list at any time and added hashtags “#PositiveEnergy” and “#positivevibesonly” to his tweet.

screenshot for the challenge 39 kyland young updates his no tolerance tweet policy
Kyland takes to social media. Pic credit: @kylandyoung/Twitter

Nurys burned her vote rather than saving Kyland

In another tweet, Kyland mentioned he’s all about “accountability” but doesn’t “need it to come from strangers via social media.”

Many of Nurys’ critics may have objected to her recent voting decision on Episode 13 of Season 39.

The daily challenge-winning team — with four players — decided that Nurys’ boyfriend, Horacio, was their pick for one potential men’s elimination candidate at The Arena.

From there, an in-house campaign unfolded as some players who felt they were at the bottom of the game’s major alliance wanted to make a “big move” and take a shot at Jay Starrett. However, Jay and his allies wanted Kyland sent in again and felt they had numbers.

Nurys was in the middle regarding her two friends, Kyland and Jay. She mentioned she’d known Jay for five years and couldn’t vote for him. She couldn’t vote for her friend Kyland either, so she burned her vote and chose Emanuel Neagu.

Due to that decision, there wouldn’t be enough votes for Jay, and Kyland ended with the most votes in the deliberation. He and Horacio went into The Arena as potential elimination picks. Brad pulled Kyland’s name from The Draw, setting up another battle with a champ.

Kyland would go on to defeat Brad, getting the stamp of approval from another Challenge winner before they exited. With each episode and win, he’s continuing to win over fans, brush aside his castmates’ critics, and promote more positive vibes on social media.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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Melissa Tieman
Melissa Tieman
1 month ago

I don’t particularly care for Kyland , he’s very arrogant, a know it all , a wannabe. Now I do give him credit for being a decent athlete but he is for sure not the best of the best nor even top 10 of the men in my opinion. On the other hand his showmance Melissa is a beast , she is Top 10 in the women and I believe he feels threatens by her and a lot of the women . I don’t think Kyland will ever become a Challenge Champion .