The Challenge’s Nurys Mateo blasts castmate Olivia Kaiser as ‘fake’ and calls out Season 39 hookup

the challenge star nurys mateo face shot from season 39 on mtv
The Challenge’s Nurys Mateo called out her castmate Olivia Kaiser in several messages. Pic credit: MTV

Following the recent MTV episode of The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion, Nurys Mateo had plenty to say about her castmate Olivia Kaiser.

The former Ride or Dies castmates returned for Season 39, where all the competitors are trying to become first-time winners of The Challenge.

However, friendships, alliances, and showmances might hinder some players’ strategies to win the season.

As Episode 10 arrived on MTV, viewers saw cast members divided over whether to vote Moriah’s showmance James Lock or US alliance member Ed Eason into The Arena.

Despite Moriah thinking she convinced her castmates to save James, Olivia was among those who said his name at deliberation.

Earlier in the season, Moriah blasted Olivia on social media for “slick” things she said and did. It now appears there was some major drama between Nurys and Olivia, as Nurys said she would “expose” her castmate on social media.

Nurys calls out Olivia’s early Season 39 hookup

During Season 39, one of the featured showmances is Nurys and Horacio Gutierrez, Olivia’s friend, who she brought as her teammate to Ride or Dies.

Olivia and Horacio reached the Ride or Dies final but lost when Olivia’s unfortunate mishap with a slingshot resulted in her breaking parts of her face and needing to go to the hospital.

Olivia and Horacio never had a romantic connection, as they were friends and teammates. However, Nurys and Horacio didn’t have a romantic connection in Ride or Dies – as they each had other interests and showmances.

Fast-forward to Season 39, and sparks emerged between them. They’ve continued dating since filming, and things seem strong. Just recently, Nurys surprised Horacio at his other competition show.

Based on recent messages that Nurys posted, Olivia was intimate with another castmate early in the filming of Season 39 and continued to try hooking up.

As seen in the screenshotted tweets below, Nurys claimed Olivia was intimate with Emanuel Neagu a week after they arrived at The Challenge house. She said Olivia kept trying to hook up with him, but Emanuel was embarrassed over their earlier interaction, and they never hooked up again.

“since you wanna like dumb*** tweets that you very much know aren’t true, let me go ahead and expose you since MTV wanna save you with edits. You’re a fake a** pathological liar and majority of the cast know that,” she said in one message.

Nurys claimed that Olivia “lied and said [she and Emanuel] had sex” and also created a story that castmate Kyland Young “professed his love” to her, which he “NEVER DID.”

Based on another Instagram post from @mostlikelytwopod, Olivia posted several tweets about friendship.

In another message, she suggested Nurys could keep digging herself a hole with her remarks.

“It’s not my fault you’re like in love with me or something,” Olivia tweeted.

In her appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast during the season, Nurys commented on unfollowing Olivia after filming. The hosts asked if the reason involved Horacio, someone they both had in common, and Nurys said, “Not at all.”

“One of the few things you can be is a great friend to other people, and I think everybody that’s my actual close friend is someone that the moment they entered my life they haven’t left. I treat my friends the exact same way I want to be treated and the energy wasn’t reciprocated, and sometimes people aren’t meant to stay in your life forever,” she said.

In addition, Nurys explained that some people are in your life to “teach you some life lessons, and then you keep it pushing.”

Nurys says she isn’t ‘shaming’ her castmate

Nurys shared several additional reactions to her castmate and The Challenge situation, including how Kyland spoke about her and Horacio during Season 39.

“Yeah that’s how real friends should speak about each other. Olivia should take notes,” she tweeted.

nurys mateo blasts olivia over friendship
Nurys shares her side. Pic credit: @NurysKMateo/Twitter

In another message, she replied to a fan saying she was “sl** shaming” Olivia with her previous remarks.

“Trust me no one is sl** shaming, especially considering yall know I’m definitely a do whatever tf you wanna do type of person. I never said what she did was wrong.. Just bringing to light that she’s not as innocent as she likes to make it seem,” Nurys tweeted.

nurys mateo comments on fan saying she is shaming castmate olivia
Nurys sends out a tweet. Pic credit: @NurysKMateo/Twitter

As mentioned, Episode 10 featured Olivia among those nominating James to go up for possible elimination at The Arena. That happened after Moriah thought Olivia would look out for James for her.

In recent posts, Nurys clarified that she and Moriah did everything they could to protect their showmances, Horacio and James, which could be a big part of Nurys’ recent Twitter remarks towards Olivia.

However, there’s also a lot more drama likely on the way for Season 39, which could reveal what happened between Olivia and Nurys during the filming of Battle For a New Champion.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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