The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 4 castmates may have split after rekindling their relationship

tj lavin hosts the challenge all stars spinoff show
Two castmates on All Stars 4 may have got back together, but have now allegedly broken up again. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 4 has become a highly anticipated installment of the popular spinoff season featuring MTV OGs returning to the competition series.

The fourth season has a lot of buzz surrounding it thanks to online spoilers, which have revealed who is returning for the cast, who gets to the final, who wins, and who has drama.

As with other seasons of The Challenge, there’s always the potential for showmances, hookups, and relationships that happen.

That seems to be the case with All Stars 4 as two castmates linked together from The Challenge and MTV’s reality TV are reunited.

While they may have rekindled their relationship during the spinoff show, online speculation is that they’ve ended things again.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars 4, including the names of several cast members set to appear in the spinoff.

All Stars 4 castmates broke up after rekindling their relationship

In All Stars 4, viewers will see legends of The Challenge, including Leroy Garrett, Tony Raines, Kam Williams, and Laurel Stucky.

Laurel will have several potential storylines during the spinoff, as her castmates also include friend-turned-rival Cara Maria Sorbello and former girlfriend, Nicole Zanatta.

Based on online speculation and spoilers, Laurel and Nicole rekindled their relationship, possibly while filming for All Stars 4.

However, more recent rumors suggest that while these two may have been dating after the show was filmed, they’ve split up again.

A recent Instagram post from superfan @jaychallenge37 showed that Laurel no longer follows Nicole on social media.

all stars 4 spoilers and rumors screenshot from superfan
A screenshot shows Laurel unfollowed her All Stars 4 castmate. Pic credit: @jaychallenge37/Instagram

However, a Twitter account indicated they started to follow one another again, suggesting it was because “fans started to notice.”

challenge superfan tweets about all stars 4 castmate rumors
Pic credit: @wedontknow36/Twitter

Fans who were aware that Nicole and Laurel had rekindled their past relationship from MTV on AS4 likely noticed that only one of them showed up for a baby shower for expecting mother Marie Roda.

Nicole shared a carousel post from the event featuring other Challenge alum, including Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams, Veronica Portillo, Jemmye Carroll, and Shane Landrum. Based on the pics, Laurel was not at the event with Nicole.

Laurel and Nicole had a history on MTV shows

Laurel and Nicole’s reality TV romance initially arrived with Invasion of Champions, the 29th season of The Challenge, as the romantic rookie wowed the fierce vet.

Unfortunately, things went awry between them, leading to tension and tough emotions when Laurel returned as a mercenary on Vendettas in 2018.

They also appeared on MTV’s Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love, the fourth season of the popular romance and dating show. Another of Nicole’s exes was Challenge alum Jemmye Carroll.

A clip from EOTB shows Nicole and Laurel ending their romantic relationship during the show which aired on MTV from December 2019 to February 2020.

In March 2022, Monsters and Critics previously reported that Nicole, 32, revealed she got engaged to a woman named Lauren, but that ended. An Instagram post about the proposal and engagement news has been deleted.

Laurel, 38, has been part of several showmances and hookups with other Challenge castmates. That recently includes Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, Horacio Gutierrez, and Jordan Wiseley, all of whom appeared with her on MTV’s Season 38, Ride or Dies.

All Stars 4 was filmed before Ride or Dies. It’s currently unknown when the Paramount Plus spinoff will premiere, although it’s possible it could arrive this year after The Challenge: USA 2, and if not, sometime in early 2024.

Fans will have to wait for All Stars 4 episodes to see how Laurel and Nicole’s reunion and relationship rekindling went.

Regarding what went wrong to cause their rumored breakup, it may also take a while before the relationship updates and stories arrive from these Challenge stars.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 is TBA for Paramount+. The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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