The Challenge’s Devin Walker calls out Lolo Jones’ comments about Double Agents’ mission being ‘staged’ for winners

devin walker on the challenge double agents episode 12
Devin Walker had plenty to say about claims the mission in Double Agents Episode 12 was ‘staged.’ Pic credit: MTV

Some strong comments have arrived following a daily mission on The Challenge: Double Agents, which showed one particular competitor putting on an impressive performance to help her team win.

While Double Agents rookie Lolo Jones claimed that production “staged” the mission to help that team win, now her castmate Devin Walker is saying that’s not true.

Devin fired off a series of tweets following Lolo’s comments and promised to explain the true story to anyone willing to participate in a live video session.

Lolo called out The Challenge, mission in Double Agents

In Episode 11 of Double Agents, the competitors were involved in a daily mission called Air Lift. It involved each pair of teammates getting on a speedboat and grabbing ropes from a helicopter flying above them. From there, the teammates had to hang onto the ropes without falling, until a drop zone. Once they got within that zone, they had to swim towards a raft and press a button to shoot smoke off.

It ended up that a few teams never even started the mission due to inability to grab or hold onto their ropes. That resulted in a DQ for those teams. Meanwhile, several teams completed it, and based on what TJ Lavin revealed, Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley did it much quicker than any other team. That made them the winning Double Agents team for Episode 11.

MTV’s The Challenge released a full video of the entire daily mission on their YouTube channel (below), a day after the episode aired.

In that episode, Lolo Jones was shown breaking down after losing the mission, telling her partner Nam Vo that she was “embarrassed” over the performance. Lolo would later reveal to her Double Agents castmates that she was leaving the show to train for the Olympics since she found it tough to get into an elimination.

Following the episode airing, Lolo put out a series of tweets regarding her departure from the show. They included her saying, “MTV The Challenge forced me to quit,” claiming that the “challenge was staged,” and suggesting that “CT and Big T technically did not win.”

“There was a drop zone and they were not in the parameters,” Jones said in one tweet regarding the daily mission.

“Once I realized the producers can change the rules to fit who they want to win, I was still willing to stay and fight,” she also said in the tweet.

However, footage showed Lolo preparing for her exit during Episode 12 as castmates gathered around to hear her reasons for leaving. That left her partner Nam as a Rogue Agent by the end of the episode.

Devin responds to comments that mission was ‘staged’

One of the teams that failed to complete the daily mission in Episode 12 was Gabby Allen and Devin Walker, as Devin was unable to grab onto his rope to begin the mission.

He surfaced on Twitter following Lolo’s comments about the mission being “staged” and called out the Olympic athlete for what she’d said.

“Y’all want a statement? Here you go. Anyone that says BIG T and CT didn’t win that challenge by the rules that were laid out is lying. I’m happy to discuss this LIVE with any of them,” Devin tweeted early on Friday morning.

devin walker tweets about comments about staged mission
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

In another tweet shortly after, he directly tagged Lolo to tell her to “stop belittling the challenge” and claimed she wasn’t “blocked out of elimination,” but was “scared of it.”

devin calls out lolo jones after comments about double agents
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

He followed that up with several more tweets, one of which had him saying he planned to go on an Instagram Live video session to explain things further. Devin also encouraged others to participate and praised Big T and CT’s win as a “close to perfect performance.”

devin walker calls out tweets from lolo jones
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

In his final tweet, he suggested other competitors need to just “take the L” rather than come up with excuses or other commentary about how the mission went.

“I’m so sick of this bulls**t, challengers in their feelings because they got BEAT. stfu and take the L,” The Challenge star tweeted.

devin walker tweets about challengers in their feelings on double agents
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

Throughout the Double Agents season, Devin has mostly been portrayed as comedic relief with his interactions with castmates. He’s been shown as an instigator when it comes to other competitors, particularly Big Brother stars in the game. He’s also been seen as an ally for Chris “CT” Tamburello during the season. Based on recent comments from CT’s partner, Big T, Devin became her “male bestie” in the game.

Devin has also been on the winning side for two of the daily missions, so he most likely wants to back up that those wins were earned and deserved.

Meanwhile, based on Lolo’s footage for Double Agents, she seemed to have difficulties working with her teammate Nam and also struggled with being unable to get into the elimination somehow to try to win a Gold Skull. She basically told her castmates during Episode 12 that her Big Brother alliance wasn’t doing her any favors either. That was displayed on the Double Agents season as all contributing to her decision to leave.

Based on Lolo and Devin’s recent comments, it seems there could be more than a few sides to the story about what took place with the Episode 11 daily mission, though.

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